DVDFAB 5250 problem

I have been trying to backup the movie “Dr. Bell and Mr. Doyle” or as IMDB calls it “Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes.” Anyways I have DVDFab version 5250 and while doing a DVD to mobile conversion the conversion stops and powers down at 66%. This happens consistently with pathfinder enable and disabled. The movie works when played through a DVD player. Thanks for any assistance.

Try the “two-step” method and see if it works any differently. Use DVD to DVD Main Movie mode and copy the files to a Target folder on your hard drive. If that process works, use it as a Source for your mobile conversion. If it does not work, report any symptoms or circumstances of the failure and any error codes it may generate. If this is a multi-episode disc, you may need to use Customize mode, selecting “Remove Menus” after you click Next. Set the output size to DVD-9 in either case so that the files will not be compressed.

I tried this and I was able to copy it to my hard drive but when going back and using it as the source for DVD to mobile it once again stopped at 66%. There is no error message. The encoding frame rate simply starts decreasing until it gets down to 0 and then stops. I think it is just the DVD, thanks for the help.

See if the movie will play from the files you copied to the hard drive.

hi, JSchmitt

Because I have not this disc, and for check and lock this problem, I need your help.

when the convert progress is stop, try to use click “Cancel” to finish it, Could you get one file which is not full but can be playable ?

try to play it, and use to estimate the time, which is the time the error happened,

you can just select the chapte which the error time is in the range of this chapter. please use this chapter to do one convert, check you can repeat this problem.

Please try it first.


I thought the movie played but when it got to 1hr 16min it stopped which correlates to about 66% so it was the movie. Just going to find a new one on amazon. Thanks for your time and effort.