Dvdfab 5045 gold



I have been upgrading as the new versions of gold come out. Gold is sure a great program. I am tryng to do a copy of “dirty jobs” with multiple sections so have found that the customize option is gone? The only options I have under dvd to dvd is: full disc, split, main movie and write. How do I get customize back? I checked settings but nothing there? thanks in advance for your help.


Hi im_catinhiding and welcome to cdfreaks,

I own Platinum not Gold, but I believe the Customize mode is not available with the Gold app…at least not any longer.
Tlake a look at Fengtao’s homepage and the description of Gold…Customize is not listed…:sad:



Hi im_catinhiding,

DVDFab Gold never has “Customize” feature.

If you had orderd DVDFab Platinum before, please use the correct key to activate DVDFab Platinum.

Best Regards,


Thank you for the information. I will try to search and find out how to upgrade to Platinum. Thanks for the quick response!