DVDFab 5030 Not Working at all

DVDFab was working fine until today June 6. Tried to run Dvdfab and get an message (DVDFab-The Ultimate DVD Copying/Converting/Burning software! Has Stopped Working) Does anyone have a clue. Tried to remove and reinstall no luck. Also tried to install 5020 with same problem. This is happening on both my Pc’s at the same time.


Need some more info other than it just stopped working, Also go to a post by my good friend Stormjumper as he has instructions on a clean uninstall on both XP and Vista and follow his instructions word for word then download and install again, give that a shot

I tried StormJumper instructions to a clean remove of DVDFab with no luck at all. I also removed all dvd related software and any latest updates, still no luck on running DVDfab 5030 or 5035 beta. Maybe I need to Wipe out my C: drv. an start over.