DVDFab 5 won't launch



DVDFab 5 won’t launch but DVDFab 4 still does???:confused:


What version have you installed?


Same problem, but it did show an upgrade to 5025, downloaded it, installed it and now is functional again.
the install was over the older v5, kept the same key etc.




Hi mommyof5,
Give this registry patch posted by Fengtao a shot.


He should have a permanent fix with the next release.
Hope this helps.


Downloaded and it asked if I wanted to add to the registry…I said yes but it didn’t change anything :frowning:

Did I do it right?


It should have said Registry changed. Then all you have to do is open DVDfab.Worked on mine with no problems after that.



Hi mommyof5
Did not see any where on what operating system you are running, but if you are running Vista you may or will have to disable Windows Defender because it blocks programs from making changes to the registry.
If you know how you can modify definder so it allows some programs to change the registry without it being disabled