DVDFab 5: Queuing multiple films


I am currently using DVDFab Platinum and I am trying to set several films to rip overnight. To do this I copied the full disc to directory such as c:\8mm, and did this for each of the films I wanted to rip. In the example I was trying I had added two titles from each DVD directory. So I had:-

A Bronx Tale
A Bronx Tale Trailer
8MM Trailer

I set all four to rip using generic.xvid.audiocopy with a 2-pass, and left the rest of the settings as standard. I then clicked on the ‘Start’ button, and the following appeared:-

08:01:20: You are trying “DVDFab Mobile Option”.
08:01:20: 531 1 -42
08:01:20: Task 1 has been cancelled.
08:01:20: 531 1 -42
08:01:20: Task 2 has been cancelled.
08:01:20: 531 1 -42
08:01:20: Task 3 has been cancelled.
08:01:20: Task 4
08:01:20: Source( C:\8mm\VIDEO_TS\ )
08:01:20: Video( Title=2, Angle=0, PlayTime=00:02:26, Chapter=1-2, AspectRatio=4:3 )
08:01:20: Audio( [80h] English AC-3/2 )
08:01:20: Conversion: two pass - first pass begin…
08:01:26: User cancelled.

This was then just ripping the 8MM Trailer, so I cancelled it. I have tried ripping the films directly from the DVD and it works fine. Originally I had version and that had the same problem, and I’ve updated to the latest version today.

Does anyone know why this is cancelling the first three tasks? Or have an idea of the best way to rip several films in one run?


Note that there is a new sub-forum for the Mobile option. If all of the titles were on the task list they should have all converted. I don’t do this often, but it worked the last time I tried it. I’m sure the authors can tell something from the error codes you posted. Check back later in the morning Beijing time, where it is 3:45 AM right now.

Ok thanks for that. Anyway to move this to the correct sub-forum?