DvdFab 5 iPod

Hello all. I registered here because I’m having a problem with DvdFab 5 converting my movies to iPod format.

I have a Sony Vaio, with 768MB RAM, and a 160GB iPod. I’ve tried to convert “RONIN” to iPod mpeg4 format using the high quality 2 pass option. Program reads 100%, while Fps and task time keep running. 2nd pass never begins. Scanned “Snatch” using 1 pass option, and task completed fine. I opened it in iTunes and it played fine. Video seemed a bit choppy but I think that was because the window the video played in was “Show Double size.”

Anybody know why the 2 pass option doesn’t function properly (or at all), and what the 1 pass quality is like on the iPod. Thanks

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I can’t really compare the one pass to the two pass as I have never used the two pass. BUt I convert all my movies to my ipod touch on one pass( ipod.mpeg4 profile) and they look great so I wouldn;t worry too much about the quality if you are only going to play them on your ipod( anything much bigger and it could get ugly). Hope that helps