DVDFAB 5 finished DVDs won't play

Hello I am seeking help when backing up DVD’s on DVDFAB5. I have been using this program for the past month flawlessly, and recently it has been producing bad burns. The program will finish the DVD with no error messages but when I pop it in a DVD player I am told it is an unknown disc. I have tried both DVD-R and +R’s and am still having the same issue. I have tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling and that has not worked. I changed the burn setting from VSO to Nero and Nero was able to produce working DVD’s. So that says to me that I have an issue with the VSO engine. I went back to using DVDfab platinum 3 and that is still working fine. Any suggestions? Fixes? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

also I would like to mention that when I first put the DVD-R media in it automatically rejects it then I put it back in again and then it will start the burning process. this is happening with both -R and +R disc types.

Help? PLEASE!!! :confused:

Your post was made in the DVD to Mobile sub-forum which may be why there have been no replies. This is new and can be confusing.

There have been some recent updates to the VSO engine that have not worked well for some users. You can click on the VSO support link in my sig to see if they can help you. I would suggest installing the free and excellent ImgBurn burning engine.

thanks for the direction. I appreciate your help.