DVDFab 5 Error

Haviong upgraded to Version 5 I am getting the following error constantly:

15:31:11: Task 1
15:31:11: Source( E:\VIDEO_TS )
15:31:11: Video( Title=1, Angle=0, PlayTime=01:36:23, Chapter=1-13, AspectRatio=16:9 )
15:31:11: Audio( [80h] English AC-3/6 normal )
15:31:11: Target( C:\Documents and Settings\Name\My Documents\My Videos\DivX Movies\generic\APPLEDUMPLING D1\ )
15:31:12: Conversion: one pass begin…
15:31:15: Task_1 failed! Error=4(504 4 Encode_video 1845248 200)
15:31:16: Process completed successfully!

Anyone know the error ?

No such problem in Version 4 which I’m still running OK - is that the problem ?


I also still have v4 installed and do not get this error. In fact I have never seen it and don’t know what the error code means. The codes for DVD to Mobile are not on the error code list, perhaps because there are so many possibilities.

Same here. I don’t get this error in V4 either. Nor have i seen this one before.

I’d stick with v4 if you have the option and are not compelled to upgrade. I had this same crash problem with v5 which was fixed with a update but I’m having slow transcode performance and worse audio sync issues that did not occur with v4. There’s several threads going on these and other issues with v5.