DVDFAB 5 and Wine

I would like to know if anyone has gotten DVDFAB 5 to work in Wine on Ubuntu 8.10. I have also tried Sun virtualBox and the software does the same thing. It locks up after picking anything on it’s menu.

I’ve gotten the free version to work under Wine but only using full DVD. Anything with a popup frame will crash it so customize doesn’t work. If you want to change a customizable feature then you need to edit the Wine registry by hand. DVDFab is unable to find it’s key in Wine so the paid version has not worked for about a year (see other thread on this).

DVDFab 5 under VirtualBox works pretty well but you do have to configure direct passthrough of the dvd-rom drive. The only thing that is broken is when you change the DVD you have to restart DVDFab for it to see it.