DVDFab 5 Affecting Nero 8 StartSmart

Since installing DVDFab Version 5’s, I can no longer access Nero using the DeskTop StartSmart Shortcut. I have tried all sorts of things - did a clean uninstall and reinstall of both Nero and DVDFab 5 with no change. The loading circle of Nero starts off very slowly compared to normal, continues for about a minute then disappears - and then my computer freezes. :doh::doh:
After about a week of trying everything and finally removing only DVDFab 5 (4 is stll on my system and I did not touch this at all) the shortcut works again. I have now tested this for 3 days with DVDFab 5 removed and everything is fine again. NO Other programs have been added.

Can there be something in 5 that is conflicting with Nero StartSmart??

The problem is only with StartSmart, as there is no problem with opening each of the seperate components of Nero, if I access them through Start>All Programs>Nero etc.

My other system which runs exactly the same OS but only has DVDFab HD Decrypter active has absolutely no problems either.

Any suggestions

Using Xp Pro sp3, nero ultra 8 (latest vervion), Dvd Fab platinum, everything works as it should. Not a clue as to why it does strange stuff on your machine. Maybe try make your desktop Icon from the .exe file in your program files instead of letting the nero install create it.

Mine works but it is slow to load Nero. Much slower than normal.

Thanks Guys, will try what you suggest - will let you know.