DVDFab beta misfeatures in mobile option

Hi all,
i did found some misfeatures in the new DVDFab beta version:

  1. Filename, Titel and Author information NOT written in avi file.
    (generic.avi.ac3.audiocopy profile happens since last 3 versions of DVDFab)

  2. In advanced resolution settings wrong charset used for the textpart
    in window: (e.g.) Original Resolution 720x576. (the x is wrong).
    (generic.avi.ac3.audiocopy profile happens since last 3 versions of DVDFab)

  3. Raw tempdata in default directory NOT deleted after finish processing.
    (generic.avi.ac3.audiocopy profile happens since last 3 versions of DVDFab)

  4. If same as source is choosen and you set an existing ac3 profile as standard,
    this profile is now only an mp3 profile. :confused:
    (generic.avi.ac3.audiocopy profile, new in version beta)

I was looking for the profiles you mentioned and I don’t find them in the Profiles folder (i.e. [I]generic.avi.ac3.audiocopy[/I]). I was going to test them also.

Problem (2) that you mention has been present for many versions. I usually just pretend I can read Greek and it looks normal. :slight_smile:

Hi signals,
sorry, I did a mistake. :o
"generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy" profile i did mean.

Maybe, I need new glasses, lol. Sorry again.

It seems all other functions, ecept the 4 points, working fine.

Good to see you around here as always. I am getting much improved conversion times with the h264 codec with v5.3.0.0. I’ll try one of the conversions you mentioned and see if the audiocopy will work on my system. Stay tuned.