DVDFab Beta is slow

I just installed the latest beta and reset DMA for my drives. It is incredibly slow compared to prior versions. My average read times are around 2.3 mb/s - nearly a third of what I used to get. I’ve also noticed my system has become very sluggish while backup up a DVD. The mouse pointer now jumps around the screen instead of moving smoothly. CPU usage hovers around 50% with momentary spikes.

I think it just as fast if not faster than before:

I have only done one backup but it read (8 MB/s) decrypted and burned to disc in 15 minutes. (SL->SL, 8X burn, no compression).

Sorry about that signals, I pressed edit instead of quote, anyway the speed of the transcode depends on many things. If someone has a quad core processor it will trancode a little faster than a dual core, it also depends on the amount of compression and the encryptions involved. Everyones configurations are different thats why some are slower and some are faster.:wink: