DvdFab Spider Man 3 AVI

I am using DvdFab to do a DVD to mobile of Spider Man 3(generic-xvid-audio copy). I have had success with several other, even newer movies. The software converts the movie fine however when I go to play the avi file windows explorer crashes. I found several suggestions to disable thumbnail cache and a couple other dll commands however no go. Any help would be appreciated.

Oddly the file will play my laptop. Both have XP pro however the pc I am having trouble with has been updated to SP3. I just found Hairspray to do the same thing and Live Free or Die Hard has a huge sync problem.

What are you using to play the files? If it is WMP, download and try the free VLC media player. You will never go back.

Yes I am using media player I will try VLC. It seems to just be a windows problem though. I am able to play the file on two of my other computers just not on my desktop. The only difference I can think of is my desktop has service pack 3 and the other two don’t.

signals thanks a ton vlc took it. Thanks again I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out. Should have known [B]Windows[/B] media player was [B]THE [/B]problem.

Glad it worked for you! I cannot remember the last time I opened WMP.

I only have one problem. Being new to vlc is there an easy way to share files like wmp does for the xbox to see. That is why I am converting to avi to start with to have 5.1 audio to play on the xbox 360.

Yes, I think so. I don’t stream from it but there are settings for networks and streaming I believe. Maybe someone that uses these features can give you some setup tips.