DVDFab ALL subtitles show up in WMV conversion

I’ve got the trial version of DVDFab Platinum (Option:Mobile)

I’ve been liking it so far. Very convienent to back up my DVD’s to ISO.

But now I’m having a problem.

I want to convert to Xbox 360 format, using the DVD to Mobile option. I only want Forced Subtitles, but subtitles appear always. I’m trying to convert Star Trek Voyager Season 1 Disc 3.

What I do is:

  1. Run DVD to DVD split option. I split the Dual Layer disc to 2 discs on my hard drive, thereby creating a DVD folder

  2. I go to DVD to Mobile and select Xbox 360.

2a) I choose the episode I want, for example, title 2. I click the “display only forced subpicture” and click Next.

2b) Under Conversion Settings, I type in the episode name under title, and click ok.

2c) I click Start.

I’ve tried this 3 different times. When I play the WMV file, I still get the subtitles that wouldn’t normally display in the movie.

Any suggestions?


When you open the DVD to Mobile main page at the very bottom right just above Start you can put a check mark next to “Display only forced subpictures” :bigsmile:

I see you are already using the Forced only checkbox. :slight_smile: I just tried a test of this using content that I know has only normal (non-forced) subtitles and it worked perfectly–no subtitles were rendered into the video. Unfortunately I don’t have the disc you are using to try. I will see if I can find it tomorrow and see what it does for me.

DVD to Mobile has its own sub-forum now. You can find it at the top of the Main DVDFab forum home page.