Got a early Disc ‘The Express’ but can’t back it up with new version of DVDFab. Anyone have a solution?? The program analyzes the disc then shuts down. Only having this problem with this disc.

Which DVDFab product are you using ? and do you have PathPlayer set to [B]“Always enable PathPlayer” ;)[/B]

DVDFab path player is enabled

I have also tried earlier versions of DVDFab

It could be a bad source disc, just because it plays does not mean it will back up correctly. If the problem is only with that one disc, then I would have to say its the disc, not the program. Just guessing as I do not have that disc.

As asked before which DVDFab product are you using ? I know it is ver 5230
Also if you downloaded the software from dvdfab.net then you have the NON-css version and you will need to download from dvdfab.com which will work :wink:

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Using DVDFab Platinum(OpitionMobile) Downloaded from .com

I have the same problem with it and I am using the newest DVDFAB…Region 1 and it goes analize disk and then shuts down the program. I have backup 100’s of discs and this one has some nasty protection on it…

This is a picture from Universal. I didn’t think they did much in the copy protection area.

I am new to the forum but have been using DVDfab for some time now. The Express DVD is reading with a total of 40gb on the DVD i have currently have. I have tried everything to get it to work with no workaround.

I believe another member has sent the IFO files to Fengtao so most likely he is working on this problem, but just in case maybe one of you that is having this problem should also send the IFO files just to be sure. :wink:

I was just getting ready to ask if anyone sent Fengtao the goodies. I normally wouldn’t get this movie but this has got the tweaker side of me quite interested (hell I tweak too much, I’m probably going to get this one now just to play with it out of curiousity). Didn’t Saw 4 do something like this, show the movie at a weird size like this one?

Being a tweaker myself :wink: i did the same with Bangkok Dangerous :eek:

I cant get DVDfab to read the disk it will start to read it and then close out of the program. I have pathplayer enabled. and i am running the latest version of Platinum. If there is a way for me to send in the ifos please let me know so i can get those sent in

Most likely you can get access to the IFO file by using explorer here is a link on how to send

A total of 41 IFO’s for this Title. I sent them to Fengtao. I didnt have a problem with Saw V though showing incorrectly as mentioned above.

It could be different type of protection within the DVD structure.