DVDFab won't process Las Vegas 4, Disc 4

Did we lose something from DVDFab and Las Vegas 4, Disc 4 locks up, either shutting down the app, or causing a system reboot, when trying to open with Pathplayer. With Pathpalyer disabled, it will open after scanning a LONG time, but stops with (thousands of) errors after about 50% processing. DVD Decrypter and DVDShrink also choked on this disk. This is pretty much how “Disaster Movie” acted until you addressed it in (Thank you for that!) Not sure “Disaster Movie” was worth your effort, but I digress.
Out of curiousity, I tried it on another computer that still had installed. Guess what? It scanned quickly and “clone” processed without a hiccup, although slowing down in the problem areas. Both machines are XP.
Did we give something up in in order to process "Disaster Movie and “Bangkok Dangerous”?
I will acknowledge that there may be other differences in the machines that I have not allowed for.

Are the burners the same on both rigs? Sometime one of my burners reads some movies correctly that the other one will not.

Yup some drives are better at reading then others thats for sure :smiley:

Thanks for the replys. I just wanted to make sure they didn’t take a step back to make another one forward in compatibility.
But since you asked, my machine is Windows Media Center XP, with an LG +/- dual layer burner (SATA) and a Philips +/- dual layer burner (IDE)(same failed results on each drive backing up Las Vegas Season 4, Disc 4). machine is XP professional with LG DVD read-only drive (gave successful results) and LG +/- dual layer burner, both SATA.
I agree, different drives give different results. In the past, I have seen similar success on each machine, usually trying both with a difficult discs, rarely with different outcome. While the drives, machines and results are different, both had LG SATA drives and XP. Maybe similar enough, maybe not.
The one difference that stood out for me was the DVDFab version.