DVDfab - slower conversion fps



Hi all,

I have a licensed copy of DVDFab Platinum (just bought) running on Vista Premium 32 bit OS and on a new quad intel processor computer.
Previously I was using the DVDFab trial software and converting DVDs to the default mobile generic version (H.264 avi) and was getting a steady conversion frame rate between 60 and 80 fps.
The update notes on the DVDFab website for one of the last two updates indicates that the software has been updated to take full advantage of multiple core processors - adding a likely 100% to the speed.
Well now, I am only getting about 50 odd fps, and that is after a decent to about10 fps and then a slow clime to the 50 fps.
What gives?
FYI, I have gone into the task manager to make sure all 4 of my processor cores are enabled for the DVDFab software.

Also, on another note; Does anyone know if, when buying this license you can put DVDFab on both a desktop and your laptop?

Thanks in advance,


There have been several reports of problems with the DVD-Mobile option re the current release. It is a well known fact that Fengtao (the author of DVDFab) monitors this site, and is undoubtedly aware of everyone’s concerns with that option.

A new beta version is due imminently, and may correct those issues (hopefully), and your question about the multi-core speed will become moot.

Your other question can be handled one of two ways - your choice -:

1.) pm Fengtao and he’ll respond directly - ‘right from the horses mouth’ so to speak.

2.) hang tight here and one of the more experienced members who has that answer will respond (as I obviously am unsure).