DVDfab does not have correct bitrate to file size ratio



I’m having a problem with the newest version of DVDfab ( and it also happened on the previous version.

I often use DVDfab to rip anime to MPEG-4 Xvid AVI/MP3 using the generic mobile option. When I originally set the file size to 175MB it displays the correct bitrate (which is about 915kbps usually, depending on the length). However, when I go back to rip another set of chapters (2nd, 3rd, 4th episode) and go into the conversion settings, it lists somewhere around 1040kbps but still has the size listed as 175MB. This causes the video to be a file size of around 197MB instead of the usual 175MB. To correct this, I have to keep going into the conversion settings and sliding the file size up and back down and it will then correct the bitrate.

The settings I use are as follows
2-pass encoding
128 kbps audio
resolution of 704xXXX (usually 396)
frame rate at 23.976

Every other option is left alone and I set this to a generic.default profile and use this every time.

I’ve tried uninstalling the software and deleting the profiles and settings folders in “application data” and then reinstalling it but this didn’t fix anything.


Just wanted to comment on something else I’ve noticed with this issue (which still occurs in

I noticed that the reason the bitrate is off is because it’s not calculating the audio right.

For example, I had an incorrect fixed bitrate of 1051 and when I correct it by moving the slider back and forth, I get a bitrate of 923. If you subtract the two, it gives you 128 which is the audio bitrate I have selected.