DVDFAB File Size Increase



What I liked about the upgrade from 4.x to 5.x was the compression algorithm was more efficiant, shedding up to 100 MB off the file size of movies I make a Xvid/MP3 copy of (750 kbps video, 128 kbps audio). After upgrading to, I went to rip Spider-man 2, and the file size estimate put its size at 660 MB, but when it was finished, it was actually 740 MB. Do you know if this is intended?


[B]estimate[/B] that my friend is the key word, it can only gives you an estimate on what the file size may or could be :wink: , and the actual size will not be known until the process is completed :smiley:

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Yes, but previous versions of DVDFab were usually much more accurate in this guess.

UPDATE: Having actually changed my settings for the first time since updating, the estimate is now reflecting the actual file size, which is still quite larger than previous rips I made for films of similar length. Does anyone know why this is?


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I will check this problem, thanks report.