Dvdfab - bsod when ripping simultaneous dvds

Hi guys,

Just checking in here to see if I am being a bit of a doofus. :doh:

I recently built a htpc to rip my DVD collection to disk. I based the build I had on a spec. I found which included 6 x DVD RW. I currently have 4 - all LG drives with SATA II.

I posted a question in the hardware forum this morning, because I am getting a blue screen of death when attempting to rip multiple dvds at the same time.

it just occurred to me - should DVDfab support the ripping of multiple dvd sources at the same time? - i basically run 4 copies at the same type (cancelling the drive it is trying to read until it reaches the required one for the session).

i saw there was a batch mode, which rips back-to-back - and i’m using that as plan-b right now without issue - so far.

am i being a doofus or should i, in theory, be able to do the simultaneous rips?


if you are curious, this is the thread i posted - suspecting the issue was a hardware clash…


Update to v5.3.0.0, it officially supports multiple instances. This is the Mobile/VideoFab sub-forum, you may get a more focused response in the regular DVDFab forum. If these rips are all going to the same Target drive or temp file drive simultaneously, it will really have to swallow a lot of data at the same time. Probably should not share a controller with any of the optical drives. You may have already allowed for this. Hope it works out OK.

I may not be clear on whether these are being ripped to VIDEO_TS or are MPEG-4 conversions.

Thanks signals.

I may very well have to update.
The original spec. made no mention of needing separate controllers for the opticals - and that had 6 drives, but then again, the emphasis on the 6 optical drives may have been on burning your kids recital to 6 disks at a time instead of “ripping from”…

At present, I’d only have 3 controllers; the 2 gsata ports; the 6 onboard ports and the 4-port pci sata/raid controller. So that’s only going to help me with 3 - and certainly could be the reason I’m clashing right now.

I’ll see if I can move this thread to the general area.

Im actually ripping to .vob files - and streaming via twonky to PS3.

I have tried it–DVDFab would actually support multiple instances on some machines as far back as v4–but it was burning while ripping (which worked perfectly). How many physical hard drives do you have? Sounds cool. Hope you can get it to work.