DVDfab DVD to Mobile is messing up my DVDs

I recently used DVDfab to rip mobile copies of DVDs that I won so I can put them on my walkman. Now, the dvds which I ripped will not read in any of my DVD players. Is this a common problem? Has DVDfab really ruined these DVDs completely? Does anyone know how these DVDs can possible be salvaged?

This sounds like a burning problem.
Post your log file.

Your original DVDs are read-only and no program can change them. My guess is that your DVD player is going bad and it’s a coincidence that it happened to be around the time you started using DVD-to-Mobile or there may be a serious issue with your DVD reader on your PC that’s scratching or otherwise damaging the DVDs. Do they play in your PC when you’re done? Have you tried to play them in a game system or other player (XBox and PlayStation systems are also DVD players)? Have you tried cleaning the DVDs?