DVDFab 5.0.9 issue

I have recently had a computer crash and then had the computer rebuilt and have fresh WindowsXPSP3 software running. I have reinstalled my registered version of DVDFab 5.0.9 and have only tried to back up one movie so far (Street Fighters) and have encountered this problem. The first time I copied to a maxel -r disc (I know Maxell is not favored), and the program copied and burned the movie but got stuck at the finalizing step. Never got as far as verify disc (which I usually have set to do).

I then tried a dvd+rdl (verbatim this time) and it went fine but then got to a point where it told me to close the drive to which the movie was copied, but the drive door was closed. I had to manually open the drive door, and reclose it but still got the same message (I have the box to not eject the disc unchecked, meaning the disc would be ejected after burn, but it never ejected).

When I tried the discs in the dvd player, the movie started for the Maxell disc, but did not recognize the verbatim dl disc. I have not tried to play the whole movie from the verbatim disc so don’t actually know if it copied correctly since it was stuck at the finalizing stage.

Has anyone else experienced any of these problems? I have been out of the DVD burning mode for a month because of the computer problem, and the version of DVDFab has jumped from I think 5.0.6 to 5.0.9 in the meanwhile. I see other posts about wanting to go back to 5.0.5 as it was more stable for people.

Any feed back would be welcome.


Correction to my previous post, the movie was Street Kings, not Street Fighters.

Please post a burn log so we can see what is happening. It should be in C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\DVDFab\Logs and is named dvdfab_burn_vso.log. Open this file with Notepad and copy and paste the entry groups that relate to these failed burns into a new post.