DVDFAB Office Season 4

All disks hang PC, Full Disk, Customize or Clone. Help. None work.

Go to Common Settings->Preview and UNcheck the top two boxes on the page. In Common Settings->Read, UNcheck the box for Read ahead cache. See if that helps and post back.

Tried those options you suggested. DVBFAB gets to 4% complete VOB1 file, then goes to sleep. This is about the same area it hanged the PC before. Wait 30 minutes, paused, resumed, didnt affect it, then canceled, then DVBFAB hung. Killed tasked.

If other discs work OK, then it must be either a defective disc or new copy protection. Connect to the internet, let DVDFab analyze the disc (but don’t click Start), then go to the Info page and click on the “Send IFO Files” button. This will send the disc information to the authors.

All 4 discs same bad results. I sent the ISO file reports in for all.

No response from tech support. I sent if all 4 discs info, no response. This use to be a good supported product. Not any more. I wouldnt recommend anyone purchase.

Hi nooneknows,

I just got the USA version of Office Season 4, and there is no problem when copying them.

I think your discs is bad media, please exchange new one to see the result.

BTW, any other user has good/bad feedback for copying this DVD?


Best Regards,