DvdFab verification too slow

It takes about thirty (30) minutes to verify the disk program just finished writing using LiteOn 20A1H with latest firmware and TDK 16x DVD+R media with id CMC MAG M01. Nero and ImgBurn do the same thing much faster

ImgBurn at least, is verifying against an image of the burned disc and I would expect it to be a little faster. Don’t know about Nero, I don’t use it. I verify mine with my eyeballs. :slight_smile:

i dont waste the time verifying either. i have unchecked [U]Delete temporary files when done[/U] this way if the burn is bad i can reburn it later and manually delete the dvdfab output after i have watched the backup dvd.

verify only checks if the burn is readable, not if the rip is good. the rip can be horrible but if the burn is good then the verify will pass. :slight_smile:

as to why the verify takes longer i have no idea and will not try to find out. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=signals;2115847] I verify mine with my eyeballs. :)[/QUOTE]
Hahaha…me too.