DVDFab Beta - Task_1 failed! Error=4(505 3)

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I have been testing DVDFab Beta and found a problem while converting one specific title from retail music DVD to iPod viewing. In fact, after many tries, I found the problem on every profile from “DVD to Mobile” menu.

I searched previous posts and found similar thread suggesting adjustments on “Memory Amount Used For Converting”. I did all possible combination, but the issue remains…

Well, I also forced DVDFab to send error reports to web site, so this post might be a dupe, but it is here just to make sure. Here is part of DVDFav log file from one my tests:

23:47:37: Task 1
23:47:37: Source( H:\VIDEO_TS )
23:47:37: Video( Title=1, Angle=0, PlayTime=00:03:58, Chapter=1-1, AspectRatio=4:3 )
23:47:37: Audio( [80h] English AC-3/2 )
23:47:37: Target( E:\Temp\generic\SIANSPHERIC RGB\ )
23:47:37: Conversion: two pass - first pass begin…
23:47:37: Task_1 failed! Error=4(505 3)
23:47:39: Process completed successfully!

If anyone would like to reproduce the error, here goes the link for ISO image file of that single track. Something like 203MB… Any help would me much appreciated!!




I check this problem, looks like some problem happened in the sync logic, I will use your sample to test it, thanks very much.

hi, sedest

I check your upload source, which is very strange, I think the audio track in this DVD is no correct, so DVDFab cannot get correct information. I have tried many player, also cannot play it correct.

For this source, we need some time to find a solution.


Hi Ting!

Thanks for your attention on checking this problem. I agree, it is strange situation, since DVDFab can handle the title for extraction and creation of ISO image file, it is not able to handle the content while converting to XviD or any other codec.

I don´t know about the tools you used to check that source file, but I still can play it using “Media Player Classic”. Anyway, if you wish, we can go further on this… Is there any specific procedure for a better extraction? Any DVDFab configuration, alternative tool or output file format you would prefer for analysis? Please, let me know.

Glad to help you on this! :bigsmile:

[B]You could try downloading the latest V[/B] :wink:
DVDFab Beta is out (August 19, 2008):


What’s New: Beta (August 19, 2008)
Fix: Subpicture is not rendered correctly for WMV 2-pass encoding in device ZUNE and Xbox 360. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
Fix: A jerky playback problem for WMV output, since the fps is not set correctly. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
Fix: “Display only forced subpicture” only work for first selected title. (DVDFab Mobile Option)

Also, the new DVDFab Profile Editor is out, please check it out:

Hi alan1476, thanks for your care and attention. :smiley:

Just installed new beta version and tested with same source file. Really sorry, but I got same results.

That is weird… I can watch and listen that source title on DVDFab preview panel, but once I hit start button for encoding, error message is displayed… :sad:

19:54:16: Conversion: two pass - first pass begin…
19:54:16: Task_1 failed! Error=4(505 4)
19:54:17: Process completed successfully!

I have had similar occurrences with badly authored DVD’s, and it seems especially prevalent in music ones (Eric Clapton, Curtis Mayfield, yada, yada)

The only way that I have found around it is to rip to HDD with DVD Fab, open the DVD in a Video Editor (I Use ULead Videostudio & there is a 30 day trial download available) and reauthor the DVD.

hi, sedest

I have not fixed this problem yet.

I will try to fixed this problem in the future, if I fixed, I will tell you.

Wow!! I could never imagine this issue could be so weird!

According to GregiBoy suggestions, I grabbed and installed Ulead VideoStudio 11 trial version.

Since the image file for that title was already on HDD, I tried to open it with VideoStudio, and I got the error message:

“These files cannot be added to this project. These files may be of unknown file format, the computer does not have enough memory or the file is copyright protected.”

I won’t gave up… So I used DVDFab latest beta once again, and instead of image ISO, I extracted that title as VOB file using DVD folder structure. Better now… This time, VideoStudio can handle VOB file and I was able to render a new and fresh version as another ISO image. Well, that was not so good result, since now I got only video, total silence. Just in case I did some mistake, why not try to add audio track to that same video project? For that I will need the original AC3 soundtrack. So let’s use DVDFab once again and extract just the AC3 2Ch piece… Cool! Now let’s go back to VideoStudio and simply “load audio” to that project! But, for my surprise, I got the message: “The file [E:…\Title1.DVDRip.ac3] contains no audio data”.

I have to agree with Ting once again, the audio track in this DVD is problematic…

I still hope someday you will be able to workaround this issue…

Thanks and keep up the good work! :bow:

Getting very similar error on

19:15:33: Task 1
19:15:33: Source( D:\VIDEO_TS )
19:15:33: Video( Title=1, Angle=0, PlayTime=01:24:58, Chapter=1-14, AspectRatio=16:9 )
19:15:33: Audio( [80h] English AC-3/6 )
19:15:33: Target( C:\dvd ripping\DVDfab\generic\generic est\ )
19:15:33: Conversion: one pass begin…
19:15:33: Task_1 failed! Error=4(505 4)
19:15:34: Process completed successfully!