I am having a problem with the new version of DVDFab. It shuts down during the copy process of Harold & Kumar 2.


Here are the logs. I had problems uploading them.

dvdfab_burn_vso_crash.log.txt (2.48 KB)


This is a known bug, it will be fixed very soon. Please use the search feature, its very hard to follow threads on the same issue.


Dear all,

If you encouter slient exit problem when copying DVD to DVD, please try DVDFab to see the result:



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I did downgrade to v. and was able successfully backup Harold & Kumar 2. I will give v. a try. Thanks.


Its all fixed, I just backed it up perfectly.


Thanks for the info.Also thanks to FENGTAO,for fixing the problem
right away. When I was backing up my copy of DOOMSDAY, it ran
all the way through. Then when I put in my dvdr it crashed.Then
when I was backing up my copy of HAROLD/KUMAR it crashed during
the back up proccess. I did two system restores because I thought
it was the computer?.I will try…
Thanks for the info again ZAP.


Problem solved with new release. Thanks!