DVDFAB 5.0.6, IPOD Classic and DYNEX Docking, TV Out



Newbie and I’m not sure if this is even posting to the correct forum, but I have an iPOD Classic 80 gig and I’m using a DYNEX Universal 5-in-1 Docking station to play Video through my TV. My TV is a Sony 1080p HD display but I’m using iPod TV out and not a PC connection. I’m using DVDFAB v: and Mobile to iPod for ripping and the iPOD has no issues playing back via the Classic display. The symptons on the TV are extremely weak audio and B/W waves on the display. I’ve tried both S-Video and composite connections. Is it my Dynex docking station? Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance and again sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Plus I have no spell-check on this PC.



I’d say it is your docking station.


Plus I have no spell-check on this PC.

try firefox 2 browser :slight_smile:


Make sure you are using a good quality video cable and that the connections are tight. Route the cable away from power cords and don’t let excess length pile up near the TV or Dynex power cable. If all else fails, go to Radio Shack and get some snap-on ferrite filters and put one on the Dynex power cable and on each of the video and audio cables as close as possible to the TV input jacks.


Thanks for the information. I took the DYNEX back and purchased a HomeDock Deluxe package and it works very well. Although it is very expensive it is very well made.

Thanks again.