DVDFab Beta is out



Dear all,

DVDFab Beta is out (June 21, 2008):


What’s New: Beta (June 21, 2008)
New: Added DirectShow decoder support for Preview, which means preview can work like real DVD player now.
New: For preview, user can enter/exit full screen, and can switch audio while playing.
New: Added option “Decoder” in “Settings -> General -> Preview”, user can choose from “Internal” and “DirectShow”.
New: Added options “Video Decoder” and “Audio Decoder”, user can choose specific filter from all the installed DirectShow filters.
New: Updated VSO burning engine.
New: Updated language files.
Fix: A low quality problem when using H.264 1-pass encoding, from version
Fix: Several minor problems.

Note: Seek feature is not available for Preview when DirectShow decoder is used, and we are working on it now. Beta (June 13, 2008)
Fix: A/V sync problem when using 2-pass encoding in certain cases. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
Fix: Video can’t be played on PS3 when using ps3.default profile. (DVDFab Mobile Option)
Fix: A crash problem when opening DVD in certain cases.
Fix: A crash problem when opening DVD if PathPlayer is enabled in certain cases.
Fix: A crash problem when using “Write Data” in certain cases.
Fix: A crash problem when converting process has just started in certain cases. (DVDFab Mobile Option)

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Woohoo! Thanks guys, great new features. :slight_smile:


Thank you Fengtao and Ting for all your hard work.


thanks for the update :slight_smile:

edit// one of my very first post here at cdfreaks was to add audio to the dvdfab preview. :smiley:


The Preview window will not open if the DVD to DVD nav pane is fully expanded with all modes shown.
//EDIT// Never mind. Operator error.
//EDIT// Crashes when switching audio tracks, at least with ffdshow filters selected.


Rock & Roll…:cool:
Sweeeet…can’t wait to try out the new features !!!


awesome I will be trying this out later. Keep up the good work fengtao and crew


Anyone that got the preview with DirectShow selected, showing the picture without disturb ions / pixelations and is running Vista?

Tried the four options - Nero/Microsoft. Same result. :sad:

Edit: One some movies it works without problems, one some it’s problem. :confused:


Hi Gummigutta, please try ffdshow to see the result.

Hi signals, please update to latest version of ffdshow to see the result.


Fantastic work, Fengtao and Ting! :clap::clap::clap:

Many thanks to you, and the others in your team, for the unstinting hard work which you put into keeping DVDFab constantly updated in this way. Appreciate that a very great deal.

My girls also send their thanks. :flower:

See you later then, and thanks again. Jim. :smiley:


Many thanks Fengtao and Ting!

Rock on!


Same as Gummi here…
Not getting a crash like signals?..but glitchy

I’m running XP Pro SP2 and also seeing the pixelations.
This is with DirectShow selected.
Tried all 4 options, ffdshow Video Decoder, etc…
Downloaded the latest ffdshow and still getting the pixelations.

The good news is that I’m able to preview all the audio tracks within Fab and not having to go outside to another app.


THanks for the updates. THumbs up to the both of you!!


Yes, thankyou for all your hard work. :iagree::flower:


The preview box has pixelation and studer with a few video decoders, intervideo video decoder works great for me.


I always update my ffdshow Video Decoder, now I am thinking thats why I never have a problem. :wink:


Which version are you using Alan?




Thanks Fengtao and Ting!



My curiosity…how can I check the version of [I]ffdshow[/I] I am running? :confused: