DVDFab's Xbox 360 2-Pass conversion more often fails than succeeds


I’d say, maybe four times out of five the conversion fails silently.

I do end up with a WMV file, and DVDFab completes its task without raising any red flags, but when I playback the WMV File, it’s always the same problem:

At some point in the playback, the video stream freezes, even though the audio playback keeps on going fine.

Two examples are UNTRACEABLE and NATIONAL TREASURE 2. I have set the Max Output file size to about 1200 MBytes in each case, tried large large sizes as well, but the compressed WMV files stop playing always on the same video frame.

Has anybody else encountered similar issues? Any known work arounds?


I have given up on the WMV options I have to admit…too many issues with things in my view though every now and again I go back to it and retry.

It just takes too long to rip a WMV file , or avi , for that matter so I now use Mobile / VOB and then rename my stuff to mpg to play it which works in most cases…
WMV you want because of what ? Streaming to xbox?

If you are streaming to an xbox try the Generic profile and use xvid with audiocopy. It works has very decent file size at a bitrate of 4500, and will keep the 5.1 audio if you choose audiocopy. I only use one pass encoding and the quality is excellent on a large hdtv.