DVDFab problem 2-pass with NT2




I’m trying out DVDFab with National Treasure 2 (PAL).

When trying the following options:

DVD to Mobile
Profile: Generic
XVID with mp3 option (2-pass encoding, 192k audio output)
Extract subtitle/idx to separate file

This a/v sync issue was mentioned as fixed in

Issue: The whole process took approximately 6 hours (Pentium4 2.4Ghz) and the resulting file had the audio out of sync with the video (it was fine for the first ~ 90 minutes, but deteriorated to the point where the audio continued approx. 30 minutes after the video finished).

I tried the same options with DVDFab 4 which took approx 3 hours, but also resulted in an audio/video sync problem (not as bad as



I will try to fix this problem.

Thanks report .


hi, szerial

Please try the new beta version, and tell me the result.