DVDFab 4, PS3 and HDTV

First of all, I apologize if this has been asked and answered. And if it is so, please point me in the right direction.

My question; I have Windows Home Server where I keep all my media files. I have a PS3 that I use as a Media appliance connected to my HDTV. I bought DVDFab 4 Platinum to rip MY DVDs to my server so that I can view them on my HDTV using my PS3. The problem is that DVDFab 4 doesn’t have the option to save the output file to widescreen for the PS3. Or does it? I have looked everywhere but cannot seem to find it. Are there any work arounds, other than forcing my TV to “zoom in” so that the picture fills the screen?

And yes, I know that I can use the PS3 to watch the movies, but by using the setup that I have, ALL my movies would be just a remote click away.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi stanwaite and welcome to the CDFreaks Forum,

I mved your thread into ot DVDFab support forum, here are more DVDFab experts around and you may get some good answers/solutions.

This concept works fine for me but I use Ziova Network Media Players, not PS3’s

What you need to do is experiment which profile works best foryou and I would suggest generic.XVid.AVI.audiocopy @ 1100 bitrate as a start point and have a look at the crop and resolution parameters.

Upgrade to the latest beta as these parameters are far more adjustable in the new version.

I would look to obtain a resolution of approx 720 x 400 for a widescreen movie.

Thanks for the move and the welcome.



I’ll download and try, thanks for the help.