DvDFab subtitle bug

Hi All,

I’m a new DVDFab user. I have to say, it’s an excellent product!

I have found one problem with it, though. I’ve just ripped my region 4 copy of The Kingdom using Main Movie mode. This disc has 15 subtitles, three of which are English.

The last English subtitle (#15) contains foreign language translations and is automatically selected when you start the movie from the disc.

So, when I ripped the movie, I selected ONLY the three English subtitle tracks for inclusion and I pre-selected the last one with the green-arrow.

When I came to watch the movie, however I found that the wrong subtitle (the first one) was selected instead. This one showed subtitles even for English dialogue.

I’ve looked at the IFO produced by DVDFab in IFOEdit and the Pre-command for the subpicture was pre-selecting #14 instead of #2 (it’s a zero-based index). When I changed it to 2, it worked fine.

So it looks like DVDFab is setting the Pre-command on the assumption that ALL subtitles are being ripped and not considering that the value needs to change when some are removed.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?


Hmmmmmmmmm if I remember right I did the same as you and it came out OK but it was a region 1 disc though