I have not used my DVDFab for a while. It is version When I backup a movie with the selection main movie it does copy the movie fine. But while playing, it gets difficult to watch it at about 2/3 of the movie. It stops, moves images over each other etc. and finally gets stuck. It does the same thing with different movies. I considered upgrading to the version 5. But I am not sure if I will have the same problem. Please help. Thanks.

This sounds more like a burning issue.

You having version 4 you can upgrade to ver 5 since you have a lifetime update registration key, just go to the dvdfab website and request a ver 5 key…note you will need the same address you had when you got the product if your email address has changed you will need to get it changed in their database first

That DVD writer had some issues before. I might have to check into that. Thanks. So the update might not solve the problem at all. I am only concerned about getting even more problems with the version 5. But thanks for the help.

even if you have problems with the burner you should still upgrade it is free to you if you have the lifetime update/upgrade there has been many improvements since ver 4 not counting support for the new copyright protection that has been released :wink:

I guess I will update first, and then see what it will do. I will let you know if it even solved the problem. Thanks for the help.

Make sure you request for the DVDFab 5 key :bigsmile:

I am not sure if I should just add to this thread, or make it a new thread. Anyway, I did do the upgrade to DVD Fab platinum, and also use another PC to do the copies, so the reading drive and the writing drive are different. And I still have the same problem. movie beginns to studder at about 2/3 of the movie, and then stops to play altogether. The problem seems to be on this particular player, the copies made by dvdfab are just not good enough? As soon as I put the original movie in, no problem, it plays. The same copy is playing in another player though. Any other suggestions? -Besides from watching the movie from the player in which it works, which is not a convenient option.

This issue is related to two factors
1…Low to poor quality media being used
2 …Burning to fast

also you may find setting ImgBurn as the burn engine instead of the VSO(DVDFab’s default) will give you beter results

The media is Taiyo Yuden. They worked good before. But I can burn at lower then 8x. And the ImgBurn setting. OK. will try that. It just might take a while to answer, since I need to also watch the movie AGAIN. :frowning: Just skipping it through goes without problems. Thanks for help. happy Valentines!:flower:

:eek: You are using Taiyo Yuden well you can rule the media out for being the problem they are the best you can get :iagree:
when you install or set ImgBurn as the burn engine make sure you go into ImGBurn setting first and click on the build tab and put a check mark next to “Don’t promt image details” also make sure you set the write speed for the Taiyo Yuden MID most likely it will be set at MAX until you make the necessary settings change :wink:

I am looking at the ImgBurn software, and found the build tab, but don’t seem to find the “Don’t prompt image details” Are we talking about the version? I just did that download now.

It will be the 3rd box down on the build settings page

Ok, found it. Boy are there many options. Really confusing. It all worked so good with the free DVDFab, before I bought the platinum. :frowning:
I hope this helps now. Thanks a lot.

[quote=Chipsy;2219540]Ok, found it. Boy are there many options. Really confusing. It all worked so good with the free DVDFab, before I bought the platinum. :frowning:
I hope this helps now. Thanks a lot.[/quote]
remember to set the write speed, the way you do that is
put a blank disc into the drive/burner and open ImgBurn and click on “Write file/folder to disc” button (top right) make sure your drive is selected in the target window(lower left side) then on the upper right click on the device tab and at the very bottom right you will see three buttons click on the top one to open the write speed settings, you will then see the MID in the lower left change the setting from MAX to 8x and click on the ADD button just to the right :wink:

also the reason you may have be having this problem with the VSO burn engine is when you upgraded to the latest version the write speed in common settings/write was most likely set at recommended

found all the settings, and did the adjustments. It really might just have been the write speed? I guess I can return my new bought DVD writers. :slight_smile: but first I need to make another test now. talk to you later.

Good luck my friend :flower:

It works now. These adjustments did the trick. Thanks a lot.

Any time my friend :flower: