DVDFab problems with DVD5 size

I upgraded to DVDFab today. It now says to insert a dual layer DVD even though the DVD5 is selected. I experimented with the options and found that I had to reduce the size down to 4300 (even though Nero says the size is 4489. Has anyone else had this problem? If so is there a work around?


this is strange because i just did another backup today of hot rod using sonyd21 single layer 4.7 gb blank dvd+r. i have my write setting at 4472 and it worked just fine using 4020 beta.

what is the MID of your blank disc?


You will need a drive that can overburn or a D/L to burn 4489mbs. The max for DVD5 is 4482. Set your max mbs to 4482 and you will be succesful in DVD5.

I tried two, one is RiData and one is TDK. I was ripping a movie. The movie started as a dual layer and I was ripping to a single layer.

This has nothing to do with your media. You cannot put 4489mbs on a DVD5 disc. The max is 4482 unless your drive will overburn. ( ie: BenQ) You have to use a compression software program and set the size to less than 4482mbs. The size differs with dash and + media. Just set the settings in Fab to less than 4460mbs and you will be fine.