Dvdfab 31.50 recording problem

I bought a copy of the number 23, and,I tried to make a back up of it
and it has the same problem as the messangers . When you try to back it
up you get the overlap problem.DVDFAB 3.1.13 I think it was fixed this
problem,but I updated to the dvdfab3.1.5.0 version and backing up has
the same overlap problem. Do you have the old version that fixes this problem
available or is it some new protection their using.
Thanks zap.

First 2 chapters of “The number 23” have artifacts,Copied to hard drive, full disc, iso.Did this twice exactly the same both times,used 2 different drives,reinstalled between rips,also cleaned registery,defraged.However DVD Shrink worked perfectly?Anyone else?
Ps. region 1 rated & ur/ws version
pss.And no the disc is good


Please send us all the .IFO files on Original disc, then we will check the problem.

A recommended way is listed below:

  1. Open an Explorer window, and navigate to VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD.
  2. Copy all files ending with .IFO to hard disk.
  3. ZIP the IFO files on hard disk to one file. Name it with a readable filename, like Stealth_UK.zip.
  4. Send the zip file to fengtao(at)dvdidle.com, you need replace (at) with @.


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I also found this movie quite a challenge. Had an Interactual Player option. I also found 3 Main Movie choices. One an interactive kind of info version of the film, (title 35 I think) and the other 2 versions, (titles 34 & 36) I think were the unrated and theatrical versions. Main movie movie mode seemed to choose title 35 as default and was of little use without the menu. 34 & 36 main movie were ok. I did my Main backup to a DL disc using clone to an ISO then to the disc.

I could be wrong on some of these points as it’s been several hours ago and it got very confusing.

I also had a chapter 8 freeze problem somewhere in there.

My clone came out fine.

I have some problems here too. With DVDFab on and the movie inserted for backup, it could not even read for about 5 mins. Then the InterActual Player finally shows up, which I canceled. Must have some new protection or something on it.

That happens to all people who use the autorun from cd. Autorun is a fine option, but not needfull with movie DVDs and other protected discs. Yes, it is a open door for protection developers. They know the laziness and thougtless of most user, so they can install all wanted stuff.
Switch off autorun, this and other software has no chance to install or popup anything…

Understand. I disabled AutoRun and still an issue with backing up the movie. Appears to be a “new” protection.

Hi infernox,
if you think, its a new copy protections, disable all “protection remove” programms, copy and zip the “.ifo” files and send it to fengtao. They will look, if there is a new protection.
Please don’t understand me wrong! Disable autorun does not help to copy any DVDs or CDs. It helps only the protection developer to install automatic Interactual Software or, like Sony have done it, Root Kits and other stuff…

EDIT: Please read post #3 from fengtao in this thread