DVDFab 3040- Cloned perfect DL copy

After at least 10 failed attempts with different versions of DVDFab to copy a dvd on dual layer media I finally cloned a perfect copy. The movie I backed up is a long time favorite of mine How The West Was Won which is 155 min. long. I used Ridata DVD-R/DL disc which I’ve always considered to be very good quality and reasonably priced media made in Taiwan and the only format my HD-DVD player supports in DL. The settings I used are basically the default settings. The burning engine I used was VSO that comes with the program. It took approx. 114 minutes for the entire process. I noticed the writing speed started at 3.4X then went to 3.6X after about 1/3 burn and 3.7X in the finalizing stage. I will back up more of my lenghty DVD’s hopefully with the same results. I willkeep you posted. Now if I could only get the key!!! I would have a very nice weekend.

A Cinerama Masterpiece. I am old enought to have seen it in a theater but grew up in a small town with no Cinerama. Barely had CinemaScope :slight_smile:

Did you use Clone mode or Full Disc to do the backup?

I used Clone mode as recommended by the program. In my previous attempts I used other modes as well as clone. Normally I like to back up only the main movie. I have several movies I want to back up and I have been waiting till I could do it on DL disks because of the lenght of the movies. Generally movies 130 min long or more.

Hahah, you guys love your Dl disc. Id rather split mine. Dont bother me to put in another disc while watching a movie. After buying all these super dvd sets im use to it. Cant wait for that superman silver tin box set.

That is definetely a proven alternative. I don’t remember the last time I had a bad DVD-5 copy after I learned how to make good ones. It’s a long time. For no good reasons I’ve always disliked splitting a movie onto 2 discs. If movie required some minor compression to squeeze on a DVD-5 disc it’s ok. But anything less than 90% quality I prefer to burn on DL. Perhaps it’s only psychological and I confess I’m lazy to change disks. On the other hand a break is useful to make some popcorn or hit the toilet. Pros and cons in everything right?
Enjoy your movies Miroku!!