DVDFab is out

Dear all,

DVDFab products is out (Aug 12, 2007):

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

DVDFab HD Decrypter

What’s New: (Aug 12, 2007):

  • New: Updated language files.
  • Fix: A problem that ISO source cannot be opened, which introduced in (Aug 10, 2007):

  • New: Added DVDFab to DEP exception list on Windows XP/Vista, to avoid crash problem at startup in certain cases.
  • New: Rebuilt with latest development tool VS2005 SP1, to improve performance and stability.
  • New: Added “DVD Writable Media (DVD-9) Size” option.
  • New: Updated language file.
  • Fix: Corrupted DVD menu problem when copying “Pathfinder” (US).
  • Fix: Over-compressed problem when copying “The Number 23” (US) in “Full Disc” mode.
  • Fix: Error 400(42 0 …) when copying DVD in certain cases.
  • Fix: A problem which causes cloned backup disc cannot be copied again in certain cases.
  • Fix: A/V sync problem for “DVD to Mobile”, as found on “Talladega Nights”, “Terminator 2”, “The Truman Show”, etc.
  • Fix: A/V sync problem for “DVD to Mobile” when disc is scratched/dirty.
  • Fix: Several minor problems.

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Thanks for the quick fix—and the DVD9 size option feature.:clap: :clap:

Thanks Fengtao, and Ting , you guys are really awesome,:clap:

Yes, thanks guys.

Thanks for such a quick fix…Excellent work… :bow: :bow: :iagree:

Wow…these updates are coming out faster than I can install them! Thanks again :bow:

Right On … I had company so didn’t get installed. Thank you for catching the problem right away.


I like to wait some time before installing any updates to see if anyone have problems.

Did you do as I suggested and download and save the program and then run it from the place you saved it?:confused:

Rock & Roll… :cool:

Ditto :clap:

Good evening, Fengtao and Ting.

Really do appreciate all the extremely hard work which you, and the rest of your team, put into updating DVDFab like this! :clap: :clap: :clap:

My daughters also send their regards and thanks.

See you later then, and thanks again. Jim :smiley:

I just tried the IPOD MPEG-4 option and it worked great.:smiley:

Some mate of mine has problem with this version.

I used DVDFab Platinum v3.1.6.2 with the default settings; ie. the way they are when you first install the program.
I used "Whole Disc" and "Clone" with the same result: something in the line of "your disc has a read error..."
DVD Movie I tried to copy:
Name: Resident Evil
Region: 1-US

He said disc works perfect in dvd player. When you need IFOs he send me them.

Glad to see DVDFab doing their excellent work again.
I’m also glad that I paid for it as well.


Why do I have a problem backing up JUMANJI. it is an older movie,what should I do

You should tell us what the problem is exactly , so we can help you." Just, Why do I have a problem backing up JUMANJI." is not enough information to help you.

Well it says something about an error and to fill out a small form

something about sending to tech-support link. has anybody else have problems with Jumanji?

Hi lambda69,

Please send the crash report to us, so that we can fix it, thanks.

Best Regards,