DVDFab Beta

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DVDFab products Beta is out (Aug 4, 2007):

DVDFab Platinum Beta:

DVDFab Gold Beta:

DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta:

What’s New: Beta (Aug 4, 2007):

  • New: Added DVDFab to DEP exception list on Windows XP/Vista, to avoid crash problem at startup in certain cases.
  • New: Added “DVD Writable Media (DVD-9) Size” option.
  • New: Updated language file.
  • Fix: Corrupted DVD menu problem when copying “Pathfinder” (US).
  • Fix: Over-compressed problem when copying “The Number 23” (US) in “Full Disc” mode.
  • Fix: Error 400(42 0 …) when copying DVD in certain cases.
  • Fix: A problem which causes cloned backup disc cannot be copied again in certain cases.
  • Fix: A/V sync problem for “DVD to Mobile”, as found on “Talladega Nights”, “Terminator 2”, “The Truman Show”, etc.
  • Fix: A/V sync problem for “DVD to Mobile” when disc is scratched/dirty.
  • Fix: Several minor problems.

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Thanks Fengtao

Thanks for your good work!

Thanks Fengtao and Ting

Thanks Fengtao, your outstanding support is very much appreciated… :iagree:
Can’t wait to try this puppy on those newly released troublemakers… :bigsmile:

Brilliant work, Fengtao and Ting! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Really do appreciate all the hard work that you and the others in your team put into updating DVDFab like this.

My daughters also send their regards, and best wishes.

See you later then, and thanks again. Jim :smiley:

Thanks guys for another great update. Keep up the good work


Many thanks Fengtao.

Thanks Fengtao for the new release.

Yes, many thanks for all your hard work.:clap:

Thank you very much for hard work in keeping us up to date…Bob…

Wow I cant spread the word fast enough to all my friends.

I always get a kick out of all the views for new releases. It doesn’t matter what software it is. The amount of views out weighs the number of posts.

I hope for FAB’s sake that a large percentage of the views are paying customers.

Failed burns. Like others after upgrading to the 50 version I had issue with failed burns and problems with Pathfinder no menus screen. I updated to the Beta version and still had issue with failures went back to 40 version and everything works fine. Disc I was testing on was Casion Royale.

Works great on my previously troublesome DVDs. Super job and a great product.

Awesome as always, thanks for the great support Fengtao (and Ting)!!!

When was the last time you did good computer “Maintenance” :confused:
also did you try a clean uninstall of DVDFab to get rid of any files that may have gotten corrupt :confused:

B eta falied to stop crash on scan of DVD, going back to 3.1.4

I’ll be downloading this tonight to see if this helps my issue with converting files to iPod format. I am skeptical as I see it hasn’t helped some users, however, I seem to be the only one using DVDfab for ipod conversion.

Thanks for your help,

**history on

I just upgraded to and when I am converting my movies to iPod format the program will hang just before it finishes the conversion. I have to control, alt, del to end the program. I also notice that dvdfab won’t reopen when double clicked. Also it causes a problem with Vista. I can not restart or shut down through the start menu. I have to actually hold down the power button to turn off my pc, then it restarts in safe mode. I have done the clean install. I did notice that when deleting the "DVDFABPLATINUM.EXE########.pf that I also saw the same files for my older two versions. I only deleted the file pertaining to 3.1.

update to previous post:

I realized I removed ""DVDFABPLATINUM3150.EXE########.pf instead of "DVDFABPLATINUM.EXE########.pf. I went back and did the clean install again, this time removing "DVDFABPLATINUM.EXE########.pf and the other two versions, ""DVDFABPLATINUM3116.EXE########.pf and ""DVDFABPLATINUM3132.EXE########.pf.

I reinstalled my last good working version of DVDFab Platinum which was 3132 and tried to convert a movie to ipod format. Same thing happened… about 90% of the way in the program became non-responsive. I had to click end program several times before it finally ended. DVDfab would not open after I closed it out unless I restarted Vista.

What is my next step. I have another computer at home that is running 3132 that I have not upgraded to 3150 and it is working just fine. I have done no other installs on this pc other than DVDfab.

and yes this was added to the DEP list.

Hi martytx56,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:


If a crash report window pops up, please send it to us, thanks.

Best Regards,