DVDFab Beta

Dear all,

DVDFab products Beta is out (Jul 18, 2007):

DVDFab Platinum Beta:

DVDFab Gold Beta:

DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta:

There is no Beta for DVDFab Gold/HD Decrypter.

What’s New: Beta (Jul 18, 2007):

  • New: Added profile for Archos 504/604, for “DVD to Mobile”.
  • Fix: A/V sync problem for Nintendo DS, for “DVD to Mobile”.
  • Fix: A crash problem when selecting subpicture in certain cases, for “DVD to Mobile”. Beta (Jul 10, 2007):

  • New: Added support for CPPM protection, which is used on DVD-Audio disc.
  • New: Copy DVD-Audio disc in “Full Disc” and “Clone” modes. To burn DVD-Audio backup disc, please use “Clone” mode for now.
  • New: Copy Non-DVD files, like “JACKET_P” folder.
  • New: Added options “Copy DVD-Video”, “Copy DVD-Audio” and “Copy Non-DVD Files” in “Full Disc” mode.
  • Fix: A crash problem when using VOB passthrough without subpicture, for “DVD to Mobile”.

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Thank you again Fengtao

thanks for the new update. Gonna test it now! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

Unfortunate the Nintendo DS video/audio is still out of sync.
What settings did you use for testing?


Hi, Fengtao and Ting!

Many thanks for the unstinting efforts which you and the rest of your team put into updating DVDFab like this. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Really do appreciate that a great deal.

My daughters send their regards and thanks as well. :iagree:

See you later then, and thanks again. Jim :slight_smile:

Thanks!:clap: Downloading and testing…

Thankyou once again, Fengtao and Ting :flower:

Thanks for the updates and all your efforts…It is really greatly appreciated…Bob…

Yup, time to take this puppy for a romp… :bigsmile:


Hehe yep, I’ve been using Fab Platinum a lot these last few days, time to test out the update :bigsmile:

Yep, same here, let the testing begin, Thanks Fengtao and Ting. I still cannot figure out how on earth anyone can put a file on a Nintendo DS. Its just not possible without some other kind of hardware.:confused:

Hi Alan,
you need an adapter, see this post:


I will take some pictures and write a simple guide when the DPG-conversion

Thanks for that, I will show it to my son later. :clap:

cannot use in Vista Ultimate… :frowning:

Hey guys,

Thanks for the update, Keep up the good work


I am truely sorry for you members using Vista, in my opinion there was no reason to change until service pack 1 came out but I know the feeling, new OS and you have to get it, I learned my lesson with the Millenium Edition. :iagree: :iagree:

Hi xsquad,

DVDFab supports Windows Vista.

Could you please tell us your problem in detail?

Best Regards,

I’ve found a bug with v3.1.4.8 beta. When I attempt to back up a dual layer DVD to another dual layer DVD and select “full disc”, I receive a message stating the “media inserted is dual layer, but the output only need single layer media.” This only happens with DVD9 selected in the settings menu. I’ve attached a picture of the message. Thank you.

Hi skypx,

I really think the disc is not double layer, should be single layer, please check it.

Or you have increased the “DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size”?

Best Regards,

Hello Fengtao,
I have just done a clean install of Vista Ultimate…and only installed dvdfab 3145…this is the only (burning) software on my whole desktop…when i insert a retail dvd to backup Fab does nothing…just sits there…but when i insert a already backed up copy Fab picks it up to backup…I can also backup and burn from a prepared VIDEO_TS folder with a movie that has already been decrypted…but i cannot backup a dvd with any protection… could this be anything to do with DRM protection? Vista has very strong content protection …for more info…please read this :


Any help would be appreciated…