DVDFab Beta

Dear all,

DVDFab products Beta is out (Jul 10, 2007):

DVDFab Platinum Beta:

DVDFab Gold Beta:

DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta:

What’s New: Beta (Jul 10, 2007):

  • New: Added support for CPPM protection, which is used on DVD-Audio disc.
  • New: Copy DVD-Audio disc in “Full Disc” and “Clone” modes. To burn DVD-Audio backup disc, please use “Clone” mode for now.
  • New: Copy Non-DVD files, like “JACKET_P” folder.
  • New: Added options “Copy DVD-Video”, “Copy DVD-Audio” and “Copy Non-DVD Files” in “Full Disc” mode.
  • Fix: A crash problem when using VOB passthrough without subpicture, for “DVD to Mobile”.

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Way to Fengtao and friends!

Great work, Fengtao and Ting! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Really do appreciate all the hard work and effort that you and the rest of your team put into keeping the DVDFab code tight and elegant like this.

My two daughters send their regards and thanks as well.

See you later, then. Jim :wink:

Hey Guys,

Thank you for the update. I actually got to copy some with
this time.
Keep up the good work.


Thank you from me too. :bow: Works perfectly.:iagree: Great job done by all Programmers :clap:

Thanks guys:clap: :clap:

Awesome work!.. Thanks Fengtao and Ting.

I just downloaded and started testing. What a great program. Thanks Fengtao and Ting.

Thanks guys, great support

It’s been a pleasure doing business with everyone at DVDFab and thank you for all the improvement updates.

Fantastic Support as usual…Thanks guys…

I’m always impressed with the updates by a great team. Fantastic!!
Unfortunately, with this update, I found that I cannot burn discs from dvd files on my hard drive. I backed-up several DVD’s to my hard drive using this new beta version of DVD Fab Plat. However, when attempting to burn from the hard drive, DVD FAB PLAT crashed. In some instances, the program completely closed.
This happened when I backed-up the entire disc or just the main movie. I even tried to burn a disc from my hard drive that was backed-up a few weeks ago with the previous version of DVD FAB PLAT. That failed also.

If it is any help in ascertaining the problem with this beta version, I was able to burn these same backed-up DVD’s using DVD FAB GOLD version which is still on my computer. Apparently, the new beta version backs-up perfectly to the hard drive but for some reason it will not burn to disc.

I hope I’ve been clear in detailing the problem. However, if more info is required please let me know. Thanks again for a great program.

Thanks Fengtao and Ting!

Great work, Thanks Fengtao and Ting !!


Thanks Fengtao and Ting for the updates on this great program

This is BY FAR. The best DVD backup product I have ever seen :clap: .

It succeeds where all others fail. Thanks for a great product!!!

I wanted to report a couple of interesting bugs. First a bit of system info:

I am running a home media computer with both a Blu-Ray drive (Sony) AND an HD-DVD drive (HP). Am playing back with the newest Cyberlink Power DVD Platinum. MoBo is an ASUS M2A-VM HDMI, AMD Athlon 5600+, 2 gb mem, and nVidia 5600 GTS.

Next the bugs:

  1. I have been copying HD on one drive while watching a Blu-ray DVD and vice versa. I have noticed that if I start copying (say an HD DVD) first, and then insert a Blu-Ray disk and let Power DVD autostart, I will always get a BSOD. But if I insert the Blu-Ray title first, minimize it’s view, start DVDFab and then begin the copy of the HD DVD, all proceeds normally (and at full speed on both ends :wink: ).

  2. Pirates of the Carribean 2, will copy to hard drive, but won’t play back upon completion. Does it possibly have a new key?


thanks for the update.

Hi sgmvideo
Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the new Beta version :sad:
Can you please post a burn log from one of failed attempt so I and other members can take a look at it and see what we can find :smiley:

Hi, dear Fengtao and DVDFab’s team…

DVDfab are prepared for these kind of protection? Or could handle it in future? :smiley:

—> http://www.dv.com/news/news_item.php?articleId=196603272 ( RipGuard-MOD)


This is the same group that had banner ads at the top of this forum for months. DVDFab copies their sample disc without a blink.