DVDFab Beta

Dear all,

DVDFab products Beta is out (06/15/2007):

DVDFab Platinum Beta:

There is no new beta for DVDFab Gold and DVDFab HD Decrypter.

What’s New:

  • Fix: Audio fast playback problem for “DVD to Mobile”, as found on “Friends”.
  • Fix: A/V sync problem for “DVD to Mobile”, as found on “An Evening With Kevin Smith 2”.
  • Fix: A crash problem when converting to PSP for “DVD to Mobile”, as found on “24”.
  • Fix: Subpicture may appear even if it’s unselected for “DVD to Mobile”.

Best Regards,

Thank you very much for the fast updates…Bob…

Super fast = p

The funny part about this is I never had a problem in any version, but I always update. Thanks Fengtao and Ting , you guys are the best.:iagree:

To coin a phrase…Ain’t it the truth!
With the rare exception of a slower rip on a couple versions (and who cares…I don’t), this has been my experience as well… :iagree:
I just can’t imagine better software or support… :clap:

same for me lol

Ditto …

Great work, Fengtao and Ting! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks very much to you and the others in your team for all the hard work you put into keeping DVDFab updated like this. Really appreciate that a very great deal.

See you later then, and thanks again. Jim :slight_smile:

I wonder if the problem of not recognizing the source drive was fixed? I don’t know I’ll wait for final to come out to see…

Great job, fengtao :clap: :clap:

Generic Mobile idx/sub works (only, if using original discs) now. A strange thing still exists around idx/sub routine: idx/sub impossible, if using older selfmade DVDs with SUBs. A magic problem, because render to video works everytime.

There now no heavy crashes around found on my PC, except there my be a death run, if using idx/sub: If first encoding abort by user and then start it again, timecounter runs normal but encoding do nothing. Then after closing window and starting DVDFab Platinum again, same happens. After Reboot all works fine, but leave abort alone.

This is due to operating system most of the time. Adding and removing programs especially other CD & DVD programs because they can cover up drives with upper & lower filters. Do a search on google or someone here has the links in their signature. There are some links in my signature that will help find the drives. I spent a lot of time searching when testing some pre releases.

EDIT: Generic Mobile 2 Pass conversation didn’t work (Timer counts only). Then nothing done by DVDFab Platinum…

Thanks for the update

Well, can anyone explain why CloneDVD2 recognizes the source drive and Fab
doesn’t? (I’m not trying to be a P.I.T.A., but why is it that other programs recognizes the drives and Fab doesn’t?) hmm…that’s got to tell you something…

Are you saying that when you put a disc in your drive DVD Fab does not recognize that the disc is there? What drive is it that Fab does not recognize, I have 10 Opitical drives in my Thermaltake case and Fab recognizes all of them.:iagree:

I have 2 drives… one on top is the source and the one below it is the target. Fab does [B]not[/B] recognize the source. It does however recognize the target. Figure that one… :confused:

It should automaticly recognize the source if it is a disc, if it is a file you have to choose where it it on your Hdd .

Does this help…check out the screen shot

And the disc is in the drive…

You will have to browse to the disc or file.