DVDFab is out

Dear all,

DVDFab products is out (06/10/2007):

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

DVDFab HD Decrypter

What’s New:
* New: Improved support for authoring error as found on some DVDs.
* Fix: An exit problem when copying DVD in certain cases. It’s introduced in, sorry!

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I yesterday downloaded Fab
I got error report
the setupfiles are corrupted please obtain a new copy of program.I did and same thing happend.

Is this 1 different
Thanks diane (took ages with my dialup con,)

Hi diane,

Please try to download to see the result.

I think your internet connection may have problem so that download is not finished.

Best Regards,

Thanks for addressing these problems so quickly! This shows again why DVDFab support is unequalled.:flower:

fengtao - surely your keyboards need a rest, what with all these updates lately :clap:

Outstanding work you guys, have been spreading the DVDFab word again here -

Luckily i hadn’t experienced any errors with that i know of, but as there’s now a, you’re forgiven :bow:

Im female so I can give :kiss: ess and :flower: :wink:

Downloaded and WORKS :slight_smile:

:iagree: It said Finished .But not all mb.

Thanks for Explaining that to me never had a problem with downloads before.
now I know why my MS update took 1hour to download 2mb of stuff :bigsmile:

canceled it and whent to bed :sad: Wee learn as wee get older & our eyes fail us :wink: :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

I never got to load and already a new update.
Go Team!


Possible buck with german settings DVDFab Platinum

Testet with:AMD Sempron 2400+ 1,6Ghz, 1GB Ram and newest XP Professional:
Choosen profile: generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy

  1. “Render Subtitle to idx/sub” to copy older selfmade non protected DVDs (i.e. DVDShrink) idx/sub doesn’t work. If abort 3 times DVDFab hangs up or closed without Email window or crash report.

  2. Now an old buck again: idx/sub doesn’t work with original discs. DVDFab Platinum closed itselfs before encoding without crash report.

If choosing “Render Subtitle to video” it works fine in any case. No crashes if abort more than 3 times, no matter if old copys or original disc.

Thanks Fengtao and Ting.


Hi maineman

I just purchased last night…so far it is working fine but I would like to upgrade however, you mentioned to me that I should save my key in many places i.e. cd. I have tried but I must be doing something wrong, it will not allow me to copy it anywhere…also before I upgrade, I would like to save version I have now just in case new upgrade doesn’t work for me. Would appreciate how to do this.

When you download the file just choose " Save" then run the saved file. I usually save the .exe file to a folder called DVD Fab old versions.

I can’t keep up with all these updates :D…thanks Fengtao and Ting! :flower:

Hi Alan

Thank you so much for your very quick response, appreciate it :bow:

I will try saving it as you explained…after I save old version and move it to a new folder…will this keep new version from overwriting it or does it upgrade as a whole new set of files?


I’m sorry but I have to offer a bit of a negative opinion here. My fear is it will be misunderstood so I want to be careful. I very much appreciate the updates and the way this software is kept up-to-date. And there is no other software out there that even comes close to DVDFab. I’ve bought. I’ve recommended it to many others who have bought it as well.

I expect frequent updates to keep up with various copy protection issues. There is no way anyone can anticipate all the issues “out there” with DVD’s and copy protection. So frequent updates is a good thing. For copy protection.

What I am going to be critical about though is frequent updates for things that are bugs. And again I very much appreciate the openess of all involved with DVDFab regarding fixes, bugs, etc. It is a very customer centered software from beginning to end.

However I would like to see some time taken in regards to the core of this software so its bugs are squashed and stay squashed. It seems the fast pace is getting in the way of fixing things that ought to be eliminated. So one release fixes audio tracks that are playing back too fast like a chipmunk. The next release, the chipmunk voices are back. One release dvd’S burn fine, next release teh built-in burning piece doesn’t work.

This is not good. There is fast and there is too fast. This software feels like its getting to the “too fast” pace in its releases.

Let’s get the core of this software stable. Then frequent releases for copy protection updates are all we have to worry about.


I would say that some bugs might be caused by adding a new option/function at times, and is normal. I personally don’t believe it’s TOO FAST, as the WORST is you may have a bug for a few days to a week til a new version comes out, which isn’t THAT big of a deal. And worst case is, just switch back to a previous version for a couple days til it’s fixed again.
I used to program, and i know at times stuff just gets broken. It’s never purpose, and sometimes it takes time til you figure out what exactly broke it, then can be fixed.
I love that they are constantly coming out with new versions. Sure, you may have a bug for a very short time, since they come out SO frequently, which is nothing unless we just don’t have any patience at all.

Thanks guys for the update. Great work!

Just keep downloading the new versions as they come out. But keep the older .exe file in your folder of previous versions. When you execute the new version it will write over the last but you will still have the .exe in your folder.

you may have a bug for a very short time…

New bug, that’s ok. And I agree with you in general.

But an old bug that was fixed before and comes back? In my humble opinion, that’s not okay. That is telling me things are going too fast. When you don’t take the time to keep fixed code in the final code, that’s not a good way to do things.

You end up re-inventing the wheel over and over and over. And that’s what some of this feels like to me, in their hurry to fix a current problem they reintroduce something that was addressed before and have to readdress it.

Its not like I’m going to use any other software. I’m sold on DVDFab as I’ve indicated. I’d just like to be sure that when I update I’m not going backwards at the same time. My opinion is that they should take enough time to make sure each update is moving forward. If we are seeing past issues coming back then maybe slowing down just a bit is a good idea. Then maybe some of those bugs that get addressed so very quickly, and we all agree this stuff gets addressed FAST, maybe those bugs wouldn’t have to be addressed at all as we wouldn’t see them.

As it is right now, when I run an update I am then looking to see if something else is broken. That is probably not a good nor the desired outcome of the update process. Maybe its just me.


Fantastic work, Fengtao and Ting! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Been away this weekend, and that’s why I’m a bit late in getting off my mark.

Really do appreciate all the hard work on the part of yourselves and your team in keeping DVDFab updated like this.

Many thanks from the three of us here, and we’ll see you again, then. Jim :slight_smile: