DVDFab is out

Dear all,

DVDFab products is out (06/09/2007):

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

DVDFab HD Decrypter

What’s New:
* New: Added support for new AACS protection as found on HD-DVD “Matrix 2 and 3” (US).
* New: Added support for a new CORE X2 protection as found on “The Final Countdown” (R2, Czech).
* New: Updated language files.
* Fix: A crash problem when opening HD-DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: A crash problem when copying DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: Over-compressed problem when copying “The Messengers” (US) in “Full Disc” mode.
* Fix: Video is missing in the end when using 2-pass encoding mode for “DVD to Mobile”.
* Fix: 24-bit 96kHz LPCM audio cannot be converted for “DVD to Mobile”.

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Wow thanks again Fengtao and Ting I don’t see how you guys have time to sleep the way you are getting the updates to us. But keep up the great work you do this is the best supported software I have ever bought. :bow: :bow:

Thanks for the update Fengtao and Ting :clap: one Question why the drop in file size beta is 6.04 MB in download size and is only 6.03 MB :confused:

I’m afraid to report anytime that my previous feedback about Dvdfab Platinum / Hd Decrypter has not been fixed.

Installation (DvdFab Platinum)

  • The license agreement is in english. To accept the license agreement the user should understand it and if he select not english language cannot understand it. Please localize the license agreement (as localizer I can help you)
  • “Create desktoop icon” is not localized
  • The information about software news are in english. As for the software license agreement the text should be localized.

Installation (DvdFab Hd decrypter)

  • “Create desktoop icon” is not localized
  • The information about software news are in english. As for the software license agreement the text should be localized.
  • “Launch DvdFab Decrypter” is not localized and the program name should be DvdFab Hd Decrypter

DvdFab Platinum / Hd Decrypter (Program use)

  • At first run, if a new version it’s available on internet (and you select the program version check), appear a window that explain current version on pc and on internet. The “Yes”/ “No” button is not localized.

  • If you re-rip a film in the same folder appear a window that display a warning about overwriting the current file. The “Yes”/ “No” button is not localized.

  • All messages in the “Analysis” window are not localized. Are always in english.

I hope to see theese few problems about localization fixed as soon as possible (Are present since six months ago)

Fengtao, Ting, thanks for your continued efforts and amazing support.
You guys are the best.

Good job Fengtao and Ting you guys have dvdfab on a assembly line.

Thanks for the new update. Can’t remeber, other’s fast like you…
very good job done :clap:

You guys are great. Keeping up with every update and every new movie, this is truely a must have program.:bow:

Thanks!:clap: :clap:

As always much appreciated Fengtao and Ting! :clap:

Just upgraded to by installing over old version of Platinum. Thought I would try it out by makeing a copy of a copy that was made by DVDFab. Used full movie, it scanned the movie and in about 5 seconds of copying, the whole DVFFab program shut down and stopped. Someone try this to see if you have the same problem.

Hi camper913,

Do you see the crash report window? If so, please send the crash report, so that we can see where the problem is, thanks.

BTW, the backup disc is DVD9 or DVD5? What’s the title/region/country?

Best Regards,

Hi Fengtao,
I have problem when rip the HD-DVD title "Hulk"
The error is : Task_1 failed ! Error=100
It’s happen at very end of the process (almost done)
Do you know why?
Thank you

Great stuff Fengtao! Any chance of compatibility with wine for us linux users? It would be great if I could avoid dual-booting :wink:

Anyway, this is a great product, thanks!

Hi thuan98,

Error=100 means: DVD_Error_OpenFile.

The disc should be dirty or scratched, so that DVDFab cannot copy one of the files.

Please check the progress info to see which file.

Best Regards,

Just installed DVDFab Decrypter 3130 and noticed the “Source” does not recognize my DVD drives? Now I can’t even rip a disc to hard drive… Any ideas…

thanks fengtao and ting you guys rock keep up the awsome work

All my drives are up to date. DVD Decrypter has worked before and now I update to the new one and now this… I just finished reformatting my comp
yesterday so its clean of any other bugs…please help… :confused: :confused:

Thanks for the latest update!!


Hi Racer448, have you tried uninstalling your drives and letting the PC reinstall them ? Just go into device manager and do it from there. Or, you can actually unplug them, reboot and them let it do it’s thing. ~ Mike