DVDFab is out

Dear all,

DVDFab products is out (05/30/2007):

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

DVDFab HD Decrypter

What’s New:
* New: Added support for a new ProtectDVD protection as found on “Apocalypto” (R2, Germany).
* New: Improved support for ProtectDVD protection.
* New: Improved copy protection removal engine.
* New: Updated language files.
* New: Rewriten A/V sync engine for “DVD to Mobile”.
* Fix: A/V sync problem for “DVD to Mobile”, when converting DVDs like “Unforgiven” and “Blade Runner”.
* Fix: A crash or freeze problem when choosing “sub/idx” subtitle for “DVD to Mobile”.
* Fix: Option “sub/idx” subtitle cannot be memorized for “DVD to Mobile”.
* Fix: Subtitle may be missing in certain cases for “DVD to Mobile”.
* Fix: A crash problem when using “Clone” in certain cases.
* Fix: 24-bit LPCM audio cannot be converted for “DVD to Mobile”.
* Fix: Several minor problems.

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Do you know the region code for Magnavox MWD 200GA DVD player? PLEASE tell me!

God I just updated dvdfab and now another update lol. Good job Fengtao and Ting!

Hey Guys

Thanks for the update. Great job as usual.

Thanks again,

Great work, Fentao and Ting! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Really appreciate all the hard work on the part of yourselves and your team in keeping DVDFab constantly updated like this.

See you later then, and thanks again. Jim :slight_smile:

So many fixes so quickly:bigsmile: . The service just keeps getting better! Thank you Fengtao and Ting:clap: :clap: .

IDX/SUB feature worked perfectly and subtitles from files render perfectly with VLC and WMP/ffdshow:clap:

Thanks for the quick updates

Can’t keep up…these updates just keep on comin’!
As always, thanks for all your hard work.
Fab’s the best!

Great job guys!

It depends on the region where you purchased, players sold in US & Canada are region 1 unless hacked. Also in setup most players allow you to check the region code and some can be changed with remote control up to 5 times, after that factory tech can change so you have 5 more changes. Look in the manual for instructions.

Heads up…if you use the latest version to try and strip a DVD_VR, it’s throwing an error “Task_1 Failed! Error=400” this error occured once before quite a while back from memory. Source drive is an Asus 16x DVD-ROM. Non-DVD_VR stuff is fine…

Ignore this - it probably is fine, looks like a dodgy disc…

Thanks Fengtao and Ting, it just keeps getting better and better.:bow:

Noticing rip times are slower with this version.
I’ve done recent releases and previously ripped flicks, uniformly slower.
Checked and tested my system…no problems here, at least that I can discern.
This isn’t a complaint, just an observation. Quality of bkups continues to be outstanding… :cool:

Thanks guys, with FAB you get the most bang for your buck.

Yep it is very slow compared to previous versions.
Instead of being the fastest ripper in my arsenal is is now the slowest.

I just checked that maineman and I don’t find much of a difference I ripped a full disc in 12mins and change, just about the same as always with my Plextor 760A

I still can’t rip any hd dvd’s that i’ve previously been able to rip with this new version. Is there a known fix for this yet or not?

Thanks alan.
I appreciate your time and the info. I can’t quite figure this out although I’m not sure how much effort I’m going to exert. I tried both my Liteon 165H6S (primary reader) and Benq 1655 (primary burner)…similar speeds.
It’s no big deal. The time isn’t an issue for me. I’ve seen this on a couple of versions in the past and never really known why the slow down.
Besides, before you know it, Fengtao will have another beta out there… :bigsmile: :cool: