DVDFab is out

Dear all,

DVDFab products is out (05/21/2007):

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

DVDFab HD Decrypter

What’s New:
* New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection as found on “The Da Vinci Code” (R2, Greece).
* New: Improved copy protection removal engine.
* Fix: No sound after fast forward/backward when AVI file size is larger than 2GB.
* Fix: Outputted corrupt AVI or MP4 file when file size is larger than 2GB.
* Fix: Workaround for authoring error as found on “Shottas” (US).
* Fix: Workaround for authoring error as found on “The Patriot” special edition (US).
* Fix: Several A/V sync problems for “DVD to Mobile”, when converting DVDs like “Night at the Museum”, “Stargate”, etc.
* Fix: Several minor problems.

Best Regards,

Wow, you guys are fast!!


Great work, Fengtao and Ting! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Really do appreciate the way in which you and the rest of your team keep DVDFab updated like this.

See you later then, and thanks again. Jim :slight_smile:

I rarely get to use the old versions anymore since a new one is coming out all the time lol

Great job guys, Keep up the good work.


Wow. Great work.

Awesome work guys! Didn’t even have a chance to use the last Beta.
Can’t wait to take this puppy out for a run… :cool:

Thanks guys

Thank Fengtao … I hope this helps with problems I’ve had backing up my copy of “The Dead Girl” …

I haven’t had any problems with any movie so far. I backed up the DaVinci Code a long time ago with no problems. I don’t understand it.:disagree:

Me either Alan, it has to be the other programs on their computers that are running or something as I don’t allow anything to run except McAfee & Windows Defender and I burn at 12X also :confused: Even did The Dead Girl with no problems

I didn’t see the original thread, but perhaps the problem is isolated to R2. Dunno, I haven’t had a failure since Fab 3 was in its initial publicly released beta’s ~ Jan/Feb… :cool: …all R1.

Wow Fengtao you and the guys are on top of things so well,I haven’t even had time to try the beta out before you got this release out.Way to go guys!!! :clap: :clap:

c-no2u, are you backing up R2, Greece originals?

the da vinci code no problems here either, just picked up dead girl saturday havent even watched it yet! however also bought ‘the good shepherd’ backed up fine!

wonderful job with the update, thanks guys.

keep up the good work fengtao and team you guys rock alot you know how to keep up with this software thanks

As usual…Great job guys!!
I’ve had no problems backing up Dead Girl or any other DVD for that matter. Just backed-up Apocalypto & Letters From Iwa Jima released today in the USA.

The DVD to Mobile updates work great with my ZEN Vision W. Without question, DVD Platinum continues to be the best software on the market and I’ve tried them all.

Hi Fengtao and everyone here,
I’m using to back up my HD DVD titles just fine until yesterday, couldn’t rip any more. Then I download the new but problem still not solve
When insert disc, and bring up DVDFab HD - It start reading the disc - the small green window pop up - but it shut down immediately. Then DVDFab HD window only shows DVD9, not HD DVD. I try to roll back to old version but not help.

Not sure what did I miss on initial setting?

BTW: My posts about a month ago regarding fail to rip 3 titles such as Unforgiven,…were fixed with

And Fengtao, your PM box is full, I try to reply your PM but could not
Thank you

The dead girl backed up fine with this version. I’m working on four more now I’ll let ya’ll know if I have any problems … I’m burning letters from iwo jima, pan’s labyrinth, apocalypto, and epic movie … so if anyone has had a problem with those let me know … I do have norton, but I disable everything b4 I burn. I’m not sure what your referring to with R2 though. I use +r disks when I burn.

At least one other user has had a problem with Pan’s Labrynth. Play your backup after burning, and if it doesn’t work, make another backup using Main Movie Only or Customize/No Menus modes.

Big Problem with Apocalypto (RC2 German).
Version < nothing rip the DVD to HD :sad:

It´s a new Protection on this DVD :a
Fengtao pleas help :bow: