DVDFab Beta

Dear all,

DVDFab products Beta is out (03/16/2007):

DVDFab Platinum Beta:

DVDFab Gold Beta:

DVDFab Decrypter Beta:

What’s New:

  • Change: Significantly reduced the time to open DVD.
  • Fix: Several minor problems.

Best Regards,

Thanks Fengtao and all your staff!

Great job,thanks
Tried the hd also,works great!
You guys rock!
Best software ever,I have tried them all,a Fab fan for many years

Thanks so much!!! OMG. I can’t believe you guys also added HD support. Now i can watch it on my monitor, no thanks to the stupid hollywood guys and stupid copyright protection (under certain monitor hookup config.)

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Fengtao and Ting! Thanks muchly for all your great work on DVD Fab. Really appreciate that a lot! :clap: :clap: :clap:

See you later, then. Jim. :slight_smile:

As always, a big thanks to Fengtao and Ting for staying on top of this.
This beta version seems to be glitch-free for me as opposed to v.…ie., no freezing, etc. Hopefully, others who experienced problems will find the same.

BTW, when installed, I found that this beta did not save my previous settings.
Generally, these settings are saved with new version installs.
This is not a complaint, just an FYI to other users.

Fengtao and Ting, my hats off to you. You guys are awesome… :bow:

did they added HD support just for the DVDFabDecrypter or also for the DVDFab Platinum ?

It saved mine maineman. What settings changed for you?

Thanks, Fengtao.

So does this mean we will still have the capabilities to convert HD movies using dvd-to-mobile? So if we want, we can convert a movie to a high resolution xvid file at say 1400x900 resolution or even 800x600(or closest res, whatever that is.) for playback on machine’s? Or does it only give us the option to rip the movie for storage on computer? (Even if the menu stuff is allowed with HD DVD rips, that’s still better then previously having to edit the files manually. That sucked!!!) Thanks again for adding that!!!

Thanks, Fengtao.
I have a stupid question. I have a 16X DVD burner. Can I use this HD DVD version to rip an HD DVD movie or do I need a $700.00 HD DVD burner to do this? If I can rip it, then can I turn around and burn it on several 16X dvd blanks?
I dont know if this was asked as yet.
Thanks for the help.

Hi shravan,

Welcome to forum!

You can rip HD-DVD to hard disk by using XBOX HD-DVD drive ($200).

To burn HD-DVD or convert HD-DVD to DVD/AVI, it’s the way to go, but it may need a long time to wait.

Best Regards,

New to this forum, but a long-time user of DVDIdle & DVDFab…

I am still having problems with the production of AVI’s. Everything is fine – both video & audio perfect UNTIL skipping forward (i.e. pressing the fast forward button). Then the video continues as expected, but the audio disappears.

I have tried playback with multiple players, JRiver MC, InterVideo & Zoom, all experiencing the same problem.

AVI’s encoded using other software – e.g. AutoMKV do not have this problem.

FengTao – some advice please!

hi, nmalcomson

I am still having problems with the production of AVI’s. Everything is fine – both video & audio perfect UNTIL skipping forward (i.e. pressing the fast forward button). Then the video continues as expected, but the audio disappears.

I am trying to fix this problem now, please give us some time, Thanks !

Until Ting works his magic, try VLC player and install the ffdshow codec. That fixed all sync issues for me when playing on PC.

Hi alan, apologize for the late response…my old eyes (more likely old brain) are just seeing this now.
Changed to default for “General” and “Read”.
Pretty random for “Write”
…again no big deal
Common settings:
General: all became checked (my settings only had check for DMA enabled)
Read: changed to default settings.
Write: changed from SAO to packet and “do not eject disc…” became unchecked. Interestingly, my write speed remained 12X and size remained 4472.
Protection: remained all checked (I think this is default as well).

How about this SUPPORT, it’s great.
Thank you Fengtao and Ting. This version update has proven to be very stable for my needs. (DVD to DVD)

Just wanted to say Thank You to Fengtao and Ting and company for an incredible job on the update. Now I wish I could try the HD aspect of the update, but I guess that’s not happening any time soon, LOL. But, like I’ve mentioned before the support and timely updates put this program way ahead the competition by far, Thanks all. ~ Mike

Hi Fengtao,

Do you plan to support Apple TV formats? (expecting mine on Friday :slight_smile: )

"Apple’s latest release of QuickTime offers something very interesting for those waiting on the Apple TV. QuickTime Pro users can now “Export to Apple TV” … "

Dave Hellman

Thanks for the great program :bow:

Has anybody had any problems making a backup of Eragon? I downloaded the beta version to see if that worked, but it still is not able to make a back up.