Can anyone help or advise?
I have recently updated DVDFabto version
When i enter my registration code, it comes up trial.
I got in touch with Fengtao, who say they are blocking keys because of non payment by DVDFab.co.uk.
I have asked Fengtao for an explanation, but they no longer reply to my e,mails.
I have been using DVDFab for about 3 years with no problem.
Can anyone advise as to what is going on?

There use to be a [B]Read First thread[/B] about [B]DVDFab.co.uk[/B] that included an address to contact them. Which payor service did they use, because they can help you recover funds? DVDFab.co.uk is not an affilate with fengtao any more but continue to sell the products, and usually have one Key they give to everybody.


Just to follow-up on Mack’s advice. Since you’ve had Fab for 3 years, I suspect that [B]DVDFab.co.uk [/B], may well have been a legitimate affiliate when you made your purchase. Mack would know this for sure since he’s done the research on this.
Anyway, my point is that you should email Fengtao directly at
rather than using the generic support form/email.
You may have done this already, but just in case…

I have seen fengtao honor such purchases in the past…worth a try.

Good luck.

Fengtao did some re-activations for those who bought before a date that I cannot remember. Email fengato at fengtao@dvdidle.com include the date you purchased and the order number etc and explain in a civil manner.


Sorry Mack, I’m so old that I forget you’re old too… :bigsmile:
The old brain ain’t what it used to be… :eek:

The cut off date is 31 January 2005. See this thread

If you bought your licance from DvdFab.co.uk prior to that date fengtao will honour your licence and provide a key for the updated program.

However, if you bought it after that date, you bought it from someone who had no authority to sell it to you and you’ll have to seek a refund from the seller. [Nb: If you like the program, buy a legitimate licence; program development costs money and the developers have to eat too. :wink: ]

Thanks for the details and advice. I’m sure the OP will appreciate it… :flower:

Philamber how did you find that thread. and where is former stickies?


Found it by just typing “DvdFab.co.uk” into the forum’s search function. :slight_smile:

As for former stickies, when they’re unstuck they just drop in the general ruck of threads (i.e. they’ll appear wherever they would be having regard to the date and time of the last post in the thread).

If you want to buy DVD FAB Products use this link :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was wondering were the sticky heaven was.


Hi Maineman,
Thanks for quick reply.
I did buy from DVDFab .co.uk.
I have e.mailed fengtao@dvdidle.com asking them to honour the license, but got no reply.
Am trying to find the orriginal invoice and will try again.

Having just posted a reply, i was reading through all the posts and something must have jogged my memory.
I have actually found the orriginal receipt.
It is dated 24th April 2005, so i’m a bit out if the cut off date is 31st January 2005.
I will e.mail fengtao@dvdidle.com with a copy of my receipt asking them to honour the license.
Will let you know how i get on.

I have been having problems with the version. All other versions I havent had this problem. I put the disk in to be copyed in movie only works fine. Then I put in aother disk to be copyed and it dvdfab locks up. I have to do a ctrl alt del to shut down dvd fab. Then restart dvdfab and it works fine. Then I put in another disk and have to do the same thing all over again. I never had this problem before. I use a Mexorex dvd 16x exteranl burner.
thanks Harry

As suggested by forum members i have e.mailed fengtao@dvdidle.com with a copy of my purchase receipt, asking them to honor the license.
Fengtao have not had the decency to reply to my e.mail.
Very dissapointed.
Anyway thanks for all your help.

Please give them time as he is in China also check your spam folder because your ISP may be putting it there because it’s coming from China, Give it time :bigsmile: