Dvdfab requiring DL for SL original

I just installed dvdfab tonight and made a backup of “Touch of Evil” widescreen. Imgburn told me the original dvd was single layer media at about 4.6 gig. So I began the backup with dvdplat using a single layer dvd. dvdfab eventually burped and made me insert a dual-layer dvd to do the backup. After the backup was complete, I checked how large the new backup was and it was 4.6 gig, i.e., it would have fit on an single layer dvd.

Why is dvdfab making me use double layer media for a single layer original?

Seems like previous versions of dvdfab were forcing me into this as well.

PS - I use almost exclusively “Full Disc” mode, as I did for the backup described above.

Hello c_catanach
If DVDFab Platinum asked you for a DL disc the you had to have had DVD-9 selected, Next time you go to make a backup copy check at the buttom of the screen next to where it says Qaulity on the left side is a drop down window make sure that DVD5 is showing, if DVD9 is showing then it will ask you for a DL because that is what is set.

PS …If you was using DVDFab Platinum where does Imgburn fit in to this problem :confused:

Thanks Tim,

where does imgburn fit in? Being a newb to dvdfab and dvd backups in general, I don’t know where all the bells and whistles are in DVDfab yet. However, in imgburn awhile back I learned how to find out everything I need to know about a dvd, e.g., number of layers, how much storage is used, etc… so I continue to use it.

Now I wonder…

why an exact duplicate of a single layer dvd could ever require a double layer blank, even if using dvd 9 100%? Would subsequent releases of dvdfab platinum address this? After all, when I checked the amount of storage used on my backup dvd, it was identical to that used on the single-layer original… less than what’s available on the single layer.

Wouldn’t using dvd 5 have given me some data loss on the backup?

Well like I said in my last post if you have DVD9 selected in the drop down in DVDFab and you put a DVD5 disc in then DVDFab will ask for a DVD9 disc because that is what was or is selected in the drop down window,

And as far as the 4.6 Gigs goes using a DVD5 disc you will only have a small amount of picture quality loss since a DVD5 hold 4.7 BUT that is not what is used for the movie because you need space for the 'LEAD-IN" and the “LEAD-OUT” but not much, I have done a few backups with the quality level as low as 65% and still had a good picture quality, of course I normally use DVD9 disc for anything less then 80% on really good movies.

You may find that in common setting \ WRITE if you change the settings for the “DVD Writable Media(DVD5) size” from 4300 in the drop down to 4464 by using "customize you will get a little better quality in the picture because you are using less compression, also change the write speed to 4x or 8x less errors during playback.
Oh also change the write type from “Packet Writing” to “SAO Writing”


Thanks Tim,

I didn’t realize dvd5 vs. dvd9 was a reference specifically to the actual backup media.

So is it feasible to get a 100% quality level backup with a dvd5 disc?


Hi c_catanach
Most movies on DVD are around 7Gigs due to all the extra things that are added like subtittles, previews and menus, so to get 100% quality you need to use a DVD9.
But if you cut out all the extra stuff, The main movie it’s self is around 5Gigs most of the time depending on the movie which means not to much compression.
If you are going to do a backup(Copy) using a DVD5(SL) and you want the best quality picture you can get, Then the best way to do this in DVDFab Platinum
is to choose “Main Movie” which will leave out the menus, previews, and then un-check all the subpictures (better known as subtittles)


hope that helps

PS…You may want to read a dew things that in my signature blow may help you understand a few more thing that are good to know, READ “The Burning Factor” also READ “BlankDVD media Quality guide” both very helpful

Thanks Tim - every little bit helps! I’ll check out the links.

My original concern was that the original DVD was single layer (as verified by imgburn) and dvdFab (I do use platinum) showed dvd5 for a backup at less than 100%… oh well.

You did discuss SAO writing - what’s this all about, now that I know where the option is in dvdfab? During a recent backup of an older dvd, dvdbab got hung up trying to do the copy and would never finish… after 4 heartbreaking attempts. Each time, it got hung up at different points in the “copy” process (different times) and would never progress beyond the timepoint it got hung up at during that specific attempt. Would the SAO option have addressed that issue?

Hanging around our Blank Media forum is great too, I’ve learned tons of stuff in there from CDF members since I joined :wink: