DVDFab Beta

What’s up with this release? It doesn’t work with Windows Vista! It installs fine but then when you try to run it, as error pops up indicating that the program is not responding and needs to close.

What were you trying to do? I ripped a DVD to customize right after I installed it with no problem in Vista. Does it happen every time you open it or when you try to do something? Also, did you get any warnings from Vista when you installed it?

Hi srhb,

I also test under Vista without problem.

Which version of Vista do yo use (beta, rc, rtm)?

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right click and choose run as administrator

I have been testing this new release on Vista Business Edition 32 bit and have encountered no problems. I did however encounter big problems with Nero.:doh:

I’m having the same exact problem. Not sure what exactly is wrong. I installed it, it restarts, then it freezes upon start up of the program. Is there a conflicting program?