DVDFab is out



Dear all,

DVDFab products is out (01/30/2007):

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

DVDFab Decrypter

What’s New:
* Fix: A problem that some copy-protected DVDs, like “Attack Force”, cannot be opened.
* Fix: A crash problem when opening some copy-protected DVDs.
* Fix: A problem that output folder cannot be created, if the DVD volume name contains illegal character.

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Dear all, is a stable release, next beta version will add “Merge” feature, please stay tuned.

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Thanks Fengtao! :clap:
And Ting: :clap:
Can’t wait for MERGE!!!



Is it necessary to uninstall before installing this version or can I simply install over the current version on the machine?




Hi Fred,

No need to uninstall, just install the latest version to upgrade.

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Brilliant work, Fengtao and Ting! Many thanks for this latest update. Really appreciate that a lot. See you later, then. Jim. :o


Sweet…i have never seen anybody so on top of things…it is really appreciated…Thanks


Excellent Fengtao, any news on CSS region free being updated, I bought it quite a while ago and I’m a big fan of it, any idea when that update is coming?


You have to be amazed at what this program has achieved, it is a truely all in one solution to all your burning needs. In my personal opinion, Fengtao has done more than I have ever expected. :clap:


Thanks Fengtao!


I have several of DVDFab competitors programs, e.g. AnyDVD, and will stack DVDFab against any of them. On several occasions, it copied damaged movies, when their competitors couldn’t.


new nightmare THE GRUDGE 2…just got this movie today…fab couldn’t,nero-recopde-crash,anydvd can’t…right now i’m processing this movie with ripit4me…hope it can//
note: was trying in full mode


Thanks Fengtao! Your hard work is greatly appreciated. I am truly amazed at your persistence. Bang for the buck with DVDFab Platinum is unmatched by anyone.



Fantastic, Fengtao! No matter what new encryption is devised-you find a way-Great job. Looking forward to the “merge” feature.



when DVD Region + CSS Free is going to be updated ???


Best regards Fengtao/Ting. :clap:


Fengtao and Ting…

As always, thank you for your outstanding products and support.
You guys are the best… :iagree:


Excellent, always happy to see programs being updated.


I think Allen summed it up, DVDFab Platinum has achieved 1st Class Amazing all in one program. Things have changed in the movie business and there will not be any program that will survive long without an update. Also think of all DVDs Fengtao and Ting have to check to keep up with the big movie companies.



Here is a post from Fengtao on the subject.